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The Sunday Ramble: Wonderful Walsall

Walsall Art Gallery (65)

Last week I went to Walsall Art gallery. I read a suggestion today that they should put old photos of Walsall on display in the art gallery for local people to go to see. Get real! Walsall council cares nothing for local people, the art gallery is a statement. It is the politicians showing off, nothing to do you common lot!


The latest idea is to charge for parking around Walsall, £1 for 4 hours. That is 20 minutes work for someone on minimum wage. How long does the chief executive  of Walsall council need to work to pay a £1 parking charge? It would make more sense to make it 20p an hour, people wouldn’t stay too long then. Opponents of the charge claim that people would stop shopping in Walsall. They already have! It’s horrible; it’s pedestrianized maze and the streets that aren’t pedestrianized are a motorised maze. All the shops are pawn shops, charity shops, betting offices and pound shops.

The TV Licence

The television licence is £145, that is about 20 hours work for someone on minimum wage. It’s 2 weeks money for someone on Job Seekers Allowance. It’s 30 minutes pay for the Chief executive of my council. That is discrimination! Ed Miliband and Cleggy want to wear tee shirts that say they don’t discriminate against the poor, before they start pretending to be bloody feminists. 

Voluntary work?

I’m glad to see voluntary work is becoming more popular with some organisations. It gives people something to do, it allows them to socialize in a working environment, gives them a sense of self worth and they get rewarded with praise from the organisation. It also saves money, which is why those sociopaths we call politicians are suddenly in favour of it…

Tee shirts

I’ve designed a tee shirt that has a message on the front, in big letters. It says, “This is what a prat looks like…” I’m hoping David Cameron will wear this one…


If you get a black marker and paint eyes, nose and mouth on a satsuma, it looks a lot like a scary pumpkin, but doesn’t light up. It’s a lot easier than all that carving and messing about.

Mindful Gifts

I must give mindful gifts a plug because they are opening a shop in King Street, Darlaston on Tuesday. The Town Crier will be there and more importantly, I’ll be there taking photos. They do gifts for people with dementia, I wonder if they have anything that will help me? I’m just hoping that I don’t forget to go and cover their grand opening between 12 and 2pm on Tuesday.


After mindful gifts, I have the bonfire, disco and fireworks to photograph in Brunswick park on Wednesday. We don’t get a lot of excitement in Wednesbury so a free event in the park is quite something. I just need to find a place to park the car.

Three Days in November – a Walsall Arts Fest Event.

The Three Days in November  event is on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Wheatsheaf Pub in Walsall. Again parking could be problem. Finding my way through the narrow streets of Walsall could be a problem. One wrong turn and I’ll be down a dead end or up a one way street backwards. You can click that link for more information and a programme. I wish they would have art events at the art gallery rather than in the pub…


It’s November or Movember as some idiots are calling it and the weather is quite mild. It was bloody freezing last year and the year before that. The mild weather this year has meant lower energy bills and clothing retailers claim they have sold fewer clothes because we aren’t buying clothes for the cold weather. I bought lots of stuff for the winter, thermal underwear, knitwear and a parka. I didn’t go to Next or Debenhams. I’m not sure where Next is, but Debenhams is in the Walsall pedestrianized  maze. If I want to go for a long walk, I’ll pick somewhere picturesque, not a horrible grey place full of charity shops and beggars. October, or Stoptober as some idiots were calling it, was a bad month on the stock exchange. We have started November in a more positive mood, unless you’ve invested in Next.  Not to worry, there should be a rush for Christmas jumpers this month. Last year it was those horrible onesies, they were queuing up for; to buy people they don’t like for Christmas. Maybe in prehistoric times we were all hairy, like gorillas. So  wearing a onesie appeals to some primitive tribal instinct?

That’s it for today. I’m not sure what I’m doing after lunch, the weather is crap again. I am considering going to a car boot sale. What are you doing with your Sunday? You could just sit there and grow a moustache for charity as part of Movember… Please share those thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter

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