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Photography: autumn pictures

Autumn 2014 (8)

I usually go out and take photographs on a Sunday afternoon because there is less traffic and I can drive around more easily. Things didn’t go according to plan this week and it rained a few times. I managed to take a few pictures though.

I wanted to experiment with settings and try to separate the autumn colours more. Many of the trees in England are deciduous and so lose their leaves now. This gives a variety of colour, but the colours often seem as if they blend into one.   I like this picture because it looks typically English, apart from the family in the photo!

Autumn 2014 (11)

I was sitting in the car taking these shots out of the window. For this shot I selected programmed auto and increase the ISO to  6400 and the exposure compensation a little. It was quite dark and about to rain so it’s given an interesting picture.

Autumn 2014 (12)

I put the pictures on Facebook to see what reaction I get before using them elsewhere and this was the most popular one. The light changed and so I simply set the camera on landscape for this one.

Autumn 2014 (17)

There is a variety of trees in this bit of woodland that lose their leaves at different times. The fallen leaves adding to the autumn colours. The river Tame is just beyond those trees and in spring there will be lot of flowers lining the river.


Finally, something different. I took this photo of a scroll that is on the wall in my living room. The picture is actually embroidered onto the parchment like scroll. It was given to me by a international student from China when she came to the UK to study. She graduated with a BA last year and will soon graduate with a MSc in International business administration. You can double click that picture for a better view.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter. I’m doing a photo shoot at midday today, so I have to get ready for that!


3 responses

  1. Hi Mike, I really like the fall photos and the Chinese tapestry. The skies do look grey but your shots have good light!

    Usually I am not a fan of people in photos but when they’re in your photos I like it. You seem to capture the emotions of the setting and the people amplify those emotions without overpowering them.

    So I am picking the first photo as my favourite this week.

    Mike you have to stop by The Wonder of Tech and see yesterday’s article. I thought of you the entire time I was writing it. Snapwire is made for you! 🙂

    4, November 2014 at 1:50 pm

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I was trying to think of the word tapestry when I was writing this! I got good autumn photos today, I increased the ISO again, but got better shots. We went to a photo shoot of a new shop opening today. The town crier was there to shout Oh yay, Oh Yay and cut the ribbon. I was in competition with other photographers, including one from the newspaper I have just started blogging for. I had to let him get in first! I got some photos of the shop and the opening and lots of the Town Crier in his red tunic. I shall write about that on a zillion ideas tomorrow.They sell mindful gifts for people to buy for dementia sufferers. The town crier was the oldest in the country and he pointed to a picture and asked it I recognised the famous person. I had no trouble with Sophia Loren or Elvis Presley!

      I shall be over to check out you blog soon. I have had a busy day. I helped a student in Hong Kong tonight. One of them is graduating soon with an MSc in International business. I was invited to the ceremony in the city, but can’t go because I haven’t been well. I am pleased my help and encouragement paid off though!

      4, November 2014 at 7:33 pm

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