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The Review: autumn events


We are half way through Autumn and winter is fast approaching. I managed to go to one event this week and take photographs. The bonfire and fireworks event caused traffic chaos so I didn’t get there, but at least I kept writing!

I didn’t make it to the Arts Fest event in Walsall either, but I know more events are planned so I’ll try to get to some of those.

Finance Friday: Finance and politics looked at how politics affects our finances and investments. A few years ago the government basically printed 350 billion to get the bankers out of trouble. How much will it print to get poor people out of trouble who are begging on the streets and at food banks? Ed Miliband did his bit by giving a teenage beggar 80p. Every time I see a beggar, I give them at least a pound and I don’t make any where near as much money as Miliband. I didn’t go to Oxford like him, Cameron and Osborne though…

Thrifty Thursday: preparing for winter was my thrifty post this week. I donned all my thermal wear for nothing this week, the roads were grid locked near the firework display I wanted to photograph. That’s the trouble when something is free in the Black Country, we all go!

Mindful Gifts open their first shop was Wednesday’s post. I was going to offer that to my local newspaper, but I was told they had sent a photographer. It turns out he was from another paper. It was an interesting event and helping people with dementia is a good idea. I think old photos are a good way of reminding people of the past.

Photography: Autumn pictures was Tuesday’s usual photography post. We still have time to get some great autumn pictures before the icy pictures of winter. On Friday they will be switching on Christmas lights in part of the town where I live. I might go to take a few pictures.

Me and Tech was my Monday post. Do you remember the great games we used to have on computers like space invaders? Doom was very popular for a while too. I liked Icicle Works on the Commodore, I could complete every level really quickly.

The Sunday Ramble: Wonderful Walsall was my usual Sunday ramble through the lesser known pathways of my mind. I didn’t get to go to wonderful Walsall this week, but I was bad enough without going for full blown depression. I am hopeful that the rain will stop today and we’ll have a little sunshine tomorrow.

I’ll be writing another ramble tomorrow. I shall probably be taking more Autumnal photographs too. What do you think? please share those thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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