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Photography: shots in the dark

Wednesbury Christmas

I took this photo last November at the official switch-on of the town Christmas lights and I didn’t even use a flash. There is quite a lot of light and the camera will adjust to the low light. I was using quite a fast shutter speed and a wide aperture. If you are taking photos like this, you’ll get decent pictures on auto.

You might have to make them a little lighter in editing, but try different settings. I needed a fast shutter because there were people walking around and a fun fair and so a lot of movement. A fast shutter speed stops the blur.

Wednesbury Christmas tree

This was early evening and so it wasn’t too dark. When I posted my photos on Facebook, a local wedding photographer asked me what time it was! The street lights added some light and there were no lights that would cause lens flare.


This shot of a firework exploding was a lot trickier! The camera won’t focus until it has reflected light to focus on. In the case of a firework, it’s not reflected light, the firework provides the light. There are multiple explosions, so go for multiple shots. The first shots are for the camera to focus and then you have a chance of a good image. The camera must be still, so cameras with viewfinders are better. I took this shot through a window so used the windowsill to lean on and steadier the lens on the windowpane. I used a wide aperture and a shutter speed of 1/13 of a second. It looks good on a black background! You can see more of my firework photos on a Zillion Ideas.  That article was also published on the Express and Star website

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Information for local readers: the Wednesbury Christmas lights switch on will be on Friday the 28th of November this year; Friar Park is this Friday the 14th of November. I’ll try to be at both of them!


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