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Thrifty Thursday: November Bargains

The Aldi super-six this week are Royal Gala apples, conference pears, cocktail vine tomatoes (250g), sweet pointed peppers (2), large flat mushrooms (250g) and persimmon (3). They are all 69p each.

The Thursday special buys for today includes cooking equipment and things for decorating. A few people are decorating in time for Christmas. I would like a roasting pan, but the ones on offer are a set. Come on Aldi, I need a professional roasting pan and some gluten free sausages to put in it! I searched all the sausages on Tuesday and none of them were those delicious gluten free ones…

The Sunday special buys are all Christmassy. I was hopeful when I saw Christmas lights, but I want some solar powered ones. I don’t want to mess about wiring them up and then taking them down afterwards. I need Christmas decorations too, garlands or something. I’ll have to look in Poundland. I just noticed they have a pack of 6 Mr Kipling Festive Bakewells for just £1. I can’t eat them, but I would if I could…

Blue Inc have the latest fashions and labels for the 18 to 30 age group. That’s why I shop there sometimes… They have a few offers on now like long sleeve tee shirts 2 for £20. They are good in autumn and spring and in winter can be worn as an extra layer to keep the cold out.

There is lots of new knitwear in at Matalan for Christmas. I had a couple of long sleeve tee shirts from Matalan, they are warm as an extra layer when it’s cold.

I’m thinking about having this Android Tablet computer from Amazon. There’s no hurry, so I’ll wait and see what the Black Friday week bargains are on Amazon. That starts  soon. Black Friday is on the 28th of November, but it runs all week. Then a Black Friday extra or something over the weekend followed by Cyber Monday! If you want to know more about Black Friday, check out A Zillion Ideas tomorrow. I have an American guest writer writing about that very thing!

I intend to photograph the official switch-on of the local Christmas Lights on the 28th of November and there will be a night market and fun fair. I might pick up a few bargains on the night market. There are night markets and even German markets around the country, so check those out.

It’s Small Business Saturday on the 6th of December, so if your local businesses are being promoted or promoting themselves, please don’t ignore them. Small businesses need us to think about what they have to offer. When I go to the market, I look for lots of different things. I buy fruit and veg, but other odd things are sold on markets and the nearby shops. I have bought a new strap for my watch and had the battery changed. There are bargains on clothes. I picked up some cheap gardening gloves there too. Those market stall holders and small shop keepers are very competitive, they find the bargains for us. I noticed a stall selling Lynx deodorant and shower gel last time. I’ll watch out for him, I need some more shower gel. I have to try to smell nice at Christmas!

That’s it for today, if you’ve spotted a bargain, please share it in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter and tweet the bargains!


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