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Thrifty Thursday: Preparing for Christmas

The Aldi super-six this week are tomatoes (6), chantenay carrots (500g), savoy cabbage, lemons (3), swede and onions (1 Kg).They are all 49p each.


The meat offers include minced and diced beef.

Christmas at Aldi has begun and they have wines and speciality drinks in for Christmas. Some of the food, like frozen turkeys, mince pies and puddings are being stocked. They also have crackers and Christmas decorations.

Today’s special buys include things like boots and wellies for the winter. There are a few things that would make good presents.  There is a bridge camera, but it has good and bad reviews. If Aldi gave me one to test, I could tell you if it’s any good!

Sunday’s special buys look good if you have kids. There are lots of kids clothes. The ‘heat for your feet’ socks are good, I have some of those for the winter.


Remember to shop around for petrol now. The cheapest in my area is 118.9 at Sainsbury.


Tesco have some half price gift sets. I need some more Lynx shower gel, hint hint…

Tesco also have some £1 offers.  The Mr Kipling jam tarts and Bakewell tarts are good, they’re 6 for £1.

The gluten free products are on offer, buy 2 get one free. I want some Aldi gluten free sausages, but they didn’t have any again! They would be a Christmas treat. Tesco has a lot of free from products, but I didn’t see any when I was in my local Tesco. Having them on the website and having them in stock are two different things. I might treat myself to a gluten free loaf for Christmas!


The Amazon Black Friday offers start this week. You can also get in early for the countdown deals or wait until next weekend for the weekend extra event!    I want some fingerless gloves for when I’m taking photos out in the cold. Anyone know what fingerless magic gloves are? Why magic?


Check out Matalan for Christmas jumpers and things to keep warm in winter. I had my parka from there. They have Christmas lights and decorations too.


Poundland has gift bags and bottle bags. It’s a good idea to put small things in a gift bag like a Christmas stocking for adults! Stationery is good for students and school kids. People are short of money this year and so are spending less on Christmas and buying gifts they know will be useful. Even Christmas jumpers are out as people look for knitwear that is suitable for all year round.

Do you have any frugal gift ideas? Please share them in the comments box. You can have a good Christmas, just shop around and spend less!

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