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The Sunday Ramble: We are all photo-journos now

Wednesbury Christmas Lights 2014 (173) (Copy)

It’s the first day of December tomorrow and so just 3 weeks to Christmas. We have the Christmas trees up in Wednesbury and the lights switched on. I was at the official switch-on by Gareth Gates on Friday.  I wrote a post yesterday on A Zillion Ideas and beat all the other local news services to it by publishing early!

Everyone’s a journalist now

They keep saying everyone’s a journalist now we can all write blogs and just about everyone has a digital camera or at least one in their phone, so we can all be photographers too. It’s a bit tricky in the dark though. The professional photographers probably had press passes on Friday and  so actually got the people to stay still for a minute and pose. I had to photograph people dancing around! I didn’t do too badly and wrote my blog posts on Saturday morning, so the links were on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter before lunchtime. One of the local dignitaries who I photographed on stage re-tweeted my link so I got a few extra readers.  We bloggers are proper photo-journalists now, when we manage to get to an event!

New tablet

I took delivery of a new Tablet computer on Friday too. I can bore people now by showing them my photos. I think the memory card will hold about 30,000 photos, that should keep them quiet for a while.


This week I’ve been working on my SEO. All the bloggers who read this will know that’s ‘Search Engine Optimisation’. I installed a plug-in to help on A Zillion Ideas and started getting serious about helping people find my blog via the search engines. I did get more readers, but not enough to make my fortune. Never mind, there’s always the stock market…

Solo Oil

I watched my shares in Solo Oil drop this week. If you’re not familiar with the story. I bought loads of shares for a fraction of a penny each and then when they started drilling at Horse Hill (near Gatwick Airport) it all got very exciting as the share price soared and rumours spread that they had stuck oil. It wasn’t quite as much oil as we had hoped for and they didn’t find the gas either. The shares have been dropping ever since. I’m still in profit though and it’s not all over yet! The main reason I bought them was their gas and oil discovery in Tanzania. Horse Hill isn’t over yet either. We are expecting more news to come at any time, so things could get exciting again! My shares in Tesco dropped too, but again I’m still in profit. I need Tesco to sell loads of Mr Kipling cakes at full price and then I would be happy. Well, maybe not happy, I think Solo Oil would have to find oil on Tesco’s car park as well before I get excited again. Stranger things have happened, King Richard the Third was found buried on a car park…

This week’s joke:

We have our own stupid Black Country humour around here and so when I heard it was Gareth Gates turning on the Christmas Lights, I said, “I know him. I bought a computer off his brother Bill.”

I know it’s a terrible joke…


You have to know how to spell if you want to be a successful blogger. You have to know the difference between their, there and they’re. I have trouble with it’s and its. You, Hugh and ewe are quite easy though. People have trouble with loose and lose too. They even have problems with two, too and to. In some cases too and to make three! I’ve seen some pretty ugly oxymorons too! My dictionary thinks there should be a apostrophe in oxymorons… Nah, it’s plural… People also get physiological mixed up with psychological. It’s probably psychological…

The weather

When the English can’t think of anything to talk about, we talk about the weather. It’s more polite than just staying silent. Anyway, the forecast was rain today, so I thought I might see what was on television. Then the sky looked clear and the sun came out, so I thought I can go out and take some photos. Now the sky is cloudy again. Being an optimist, I’ll have an early lunch and hope to go out.

What are you doing today? Not watching EastEnders again? Mental health is a serious issue in the UK and I blame EastEnders… Anyway, write a comment if you’re doing something interesting and ‘share’. You can also follow me on Twitter. You can get updates every time I see a celebrity then. Friday was the first time, but I’m sure there will be a second time…


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