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Photography: Autumn – Winter

Autumn Landscape

In England we are well into Autumn now and some trees have lost all their leaves. The colours are changing and getting lighter, but the days are cloudier and darker. In this picture you can see the water is the same colour as the sky, but with golden reflections of the trees.

In landscape photography, the colour of the sky affects the colour of your whole picture. I often watch the sky and look for an even colour across the sky. Black clouds make an image look dull, but white clouds can be better than sunshine. Then close to sunset, the last golden hour, there are lots of shadows, but the lights can be really great for photography.

RSA Academy in Tipton

I went out on Sunday afternoon, but there was black clouds and not many opportunities to take photos. Then the sun came out as I was passing this academy and so I took a few photos. The black clouds are still there, but you can see the effect of the sun, low in the sky.

Autumn scene 2014

This autumn scene of a family feeding the geese is almost like a painting. It’s very much in the style of John Constable. I like the autumn colours.

Wednesbury Christmas Lights 2014 (173)

I photographed the switch-on of the local Christmas Lights on Friday and night photography can produce some spectacular result in the run up to Christmas.

Wednesbury Christmas Lights 2014

Our Christmas lights were switched on by Gareth Gates of Pop Idol fame. You can read more about the Gareth Gates Photo Shoot on A Zillion Ideas.  You can also comment on this post or follow me on Twitter even…

3 responses

  1. Hi Mike, These photos are fascinating. The first one is probably my favourite for how you composed it. The tree, which was the focal point for me, is slightly off centre, giving interest to the image. I’m a symmetrical type of gal, so I would have put that tree dead centre, so I will have to remember how much better a shot is if it isn’t symmetrical.

    The second photo is also interesting for the shadows. You lined them up so well that at first it appears as if the shadows are of the fence with the sun in front of you. I wondered where the sun was in the photo but on closer inspection I realized the sun was behind you, (Photography 101, better to have the sun behind you than in front of you, right?).

    In the third photo the white bird in flight is almost mirrored by the moving boy on the right, again off centre.

    The fourth photo is delightful, the deal of the sandwich for £1 seems great, but why are so many people walking away? Have they already enjoyed their sandwiches and are continuing on their holiday shopping?

    The Gareth photo is priceless! The “Don’t Mess with Me” expression on his face says it all as the people on the left seem to be laughing. Is the announcer making fun of Gareth? Is Gareth regretting his decision to dress up as an elf? How much was he paid for that anyway?

    Thanks for sharing your artistry with us, Mike. Anyone who merely glances at these photos would be missing so much!

    2, December 2014 at 11:57 am

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    You were right about the shadows in the second picture. They are quite strange. The light was weird with a clear sky except for white clouds on the horizon and black clouds up high! Light was reflected everywhere. The sun was behind me!

    In the next picture, I was trying to get the leaves of the tree in the foreground.

    The one of the street has the Christmas lights on and after the big switch on many people were walking away!

    The last one was hard to get the shot and like me you didn’t know who Gareth Gates was. The guy in black is Gareth Gates and he was very good. He became famous on the Pop Idol show, one of Simon Cowell’s talent shows. I have no idea who the elf was, but he didn’t look too happy in this picture! I think they all tried to press that red button together. Maybe the elf was standing by because he knew the snow machine was a bout to start up!

    It was quite good and the first time I’ve taken the photos from a crowd. I think there was at least 500 people maybe more. Gareth Gates is on Youtube and he sang a couple of his usual numbers, which the crowd really joined in with.

    This is one of the songs he sang –

    2, December 2014 at 7:43 pm

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