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Thrifty Thursday: Christmas Countdown

The Aldi super-six this week are tomatoes (6), chantenay carrots (500g), savoy cabbage, lemons (3), swede and onions (1Kg). They are all 49p each and the offer ends next Wednesday. I think that webpage has been corrected.


There are also super-six meat offers which include streaky bacon and gammon steaks (2) for 99p.

Special Buys

There are lots of special buys today and they include a lot of ski wear. There is also a Christmas Tree (19.99). There are Christmas jumpers for adults and children too.

The Christmas theme continues with Sunday’s special buys. They have roasting pans. I need  one of those, I want a good enamel ones, the non-stick are useless. There is also tableware and glasses for Christmas too.

You can now check out special buys coming up in December on their website, but not in too much detail. It looks like they will have turkeys on the 19th of December. I would like a fresh turkey, but as there is only me, perhaps a small one!

I bought some extra things this week in Aldi. I had some really cool hand puppets for 2.99 each and some bottle bags for gifts, they were 2.99 too.


I also went to Poundland this week and picked up some decorations. We had a new addition to the family this week and so I bought the baby a teddy bear and a hat and mitten set. They were very good for a pound each.


They have some Christmas home ware and Christmas jumpers at Matalan. I just had a great idea for a Christmas present for the new baby. There was a money box on the Matalan site. I’ll start her off as a saver rather than a spender! I think I might find a better money box than the one I saw though.

I’ve found a money box on  Amazon. I’m not sure if it’s suitable, but maybe when she’s older she’s appreciate it!

I have bought an Allwinner tablet computer from Amazon. It seems good and displays my photos well. I bought a 32 Gb card from a different supplier, through Amazon; but I have to return that, it doesn’t work. I bought some camera filters too, I’ll be using some pictures I took with those next week.

Have you seen any bargains? Please share in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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