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The review: Do we have a right to judge?

Merry X edit

While most of us are thinking about Christmas, many people in the UK are worrying about where their next meal is coming from or whether they will end up on the streets begging. Its freezing where I am and will be even colder tonight.

I wouldn’t like to be out sleeping rough this weather. While many want a ‘White Christmas’ because they will be tucked up in a warm centrally heated home, quaffing the vintage port and stuffing themselves with turkey and Christmas cake. Others will be out on the streets feeling like no one cares and many of the homeless also have health problems. There will be others this Christmas surviving on hand outs from the food banks while Iain Duncan Smith will be quaffing champagne in his 5 bedroom mansion and not giving a damn. Many homeless people may be to blame for their own downfall, but do we have a right to judge them? Britain is a nation of people in debt; the government is in debt. Whose door will the bailiffs knock on next?

Finance Friday: relativity was my post yesterday.  I’ll watch out for the homeless and see if I can be a little more generous than Ed Miliband, who gave one homeless person just 80p. I also intend to donate something to the local food bank this week. Not because I’m rich, but because I’m human. The sociopaths in Westminster don’t care, we the people have to.

Thrifty Christmas Countdown: 14 days to go was Thursday’s thrifty post. We have to try to be thrifty and save money. An emergency could make life very uncomfortable just before Christmas. My car is in the garage and I’m expecting a big bill for it. It won’t change my plans for Christmas. I’ll be writing and out taking photos while the roads are quiet!

Photography: Christmas shots featured some Christmas inspired photography, including some shots I took when Noddy Holder switched on the Christmas Lights at the Manor Hospital.

Photography: Christmas Pictures was another photography post and worth reading if you want to wish everyone Merry Christmas on Facebook with a cool Timeline picture.

Noddy comes home to Walsall was one of my posts last weekend. That post had some of my photos from the Christmas Tree lights switch-on with Noddy Holder at the Manor Hospital Walsall.

The Sunday Ramble: expressions was my usual Sunday ramble through the hidden pathways of my mind. I’ll be writing another ramble tomorrow.

It’s nice and sunny today, but freezing cold.  There is a event in Darlaston today and in Wednesbury St Bart’s church hall has a craft fair. Santa will be at West Bromwich Manor House. I could miss all that if I don’t get my car back soon. I shall probably pop in the Manor House tomorrow though, if my car is done. There are usually homeless people near the art gallery in Walsall and sometimes outside Matalan. I’ll watch out for them and try to help. If you see someone cold and hungry, please try not to judge them. You know what they say at the National Lottery; it could be you…

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  1. Yhere are ways you can help the homeless and others in crisis this Christmas. Smethwick foodbank have had some very generous donations of Christmassy food, so they are adding these to the standard food parcels for the next couple of weeks. Black Country Training Group have been volunteering at foodbanks across the West Midlands and have also donated personal hygeine products to Smethwick Foodbank. Socks and Chocs are a charity who give, yes you’ve got it, socks and chocs to rough sleepers. Donations of money to them go towards buying sleeping bags that are distributed by organisations such as SIFA Fireside. If you see a rough selleper and are not sure that they are getting the support they want, contact Street Link

    13, December 2014 at 11:06 am

    • Hi,

      Thanks for the comment. I have heard of socks and chocs, they are an Express and Star blogger like me. I hope to get to the Breaking Bread foodbank this week in Wednesbury and I’ll be watching out for homeless people too. I’ll check out Streetlink too.

      Thanks again.

      14, December 2014 at 10:28 am

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