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Thrifty Christmas Countdown: 7 days to go

The Aldi super-six this week are clementines (600g), little gem lettuce (2), Maris piper potatoes (1.5 Kg), Brussels sprouts (750g), carrots (2.5Kg) and parsnips (600g). They are on offer until the end of the month.


Check out the Aldi meat offers on their website, they change more frequently.

The special buys tomorrow include a knife block for £199.99. That comes with razor sharp knives. Please don’t stock those in my local Aldi! It won’t be professional chefs queuing  to buy them! There’s also a Medion Life smart phone, for 79.99. The socks and slippers will make good presents and the fleece underwear is good this weather. I have a fleece tee shirt, it’s great when it freezing.  The wine basket/hamper kit is nice, for 7.99. That’s good for carrying bottles home too. There are lots of other present ideas on the website.

The special buys on Friday are all Christmas food. I suspect some of those will be on offer over the weekend, but you might have to get there early for the turkeys. Check the website page out, because there is too much for me to list here. There is lots of meat and the cranberry sauce to go with it. The smoked salmon and caviar is there!  The chocolate fudge pudding and the cream to go on it too. If you don’t like turkey then have the extra large chicken for 6.49. There is even chocolate trifle to have for desert  (pudding if you’re in the Black Country) .

There is more Christmas fare in Sunday’s special buys. There’s more salmon, tiger prawns and lobster. I have bought a prawn ring, they are always popular.  There are some non-food items too, like rubber car mats. I might look at those, they might smarten my car up a bit.


They have had some toys on offer in my local Aldi too and other odd things that haven’t sold. The booze is good at Aldi too, I have bought a bottle of Black Label scotch that is really good quality and the vintage port is great too. There is a good selection of wines and Banks’s beer for only 99p a bottle. Banks’s is good British ale!


I was less impressed with the Christmas specials on the Asda website. I did pop in Asda this week for a few things. I have just remembered what I forgot to get! I’ll manage!

I hate shopping just before Christmas, it’s manic. I can survive without most things because my freezer is full and guests won’t come until Sunday.

Tesco has fresh turkey too, but it seems expensive compared to Aldi.

Christmas Jumpers

There are lots of Christmas jumpers, but people are being more practical this year and buying sensible things rather than the red jumper with Santa on it. the best jumpers I’ve seen were at MatalanBlue Inc have a sale and I have had a few jumpers from there.


I like Amazon, but when you search for something they often show you the most expensive stuff first. Have a good look around and change the search to cheapest first. I searched for Nikon flash guns and it just showed me Nikon ones at full price, rather than the compatible ones that are much better value.

The roads are very busy now as people try to do their shopping early, but I expect them to be even worse over the weekend and next week. Try to be patient and courteous when driving. The same applies to the supermarket checkout queues! 

Have you spotted a Christmas bargain or have a money saving tip? Please share it in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter. No thrifty Thursday post next week, it’s Christmas Day; but I’ll still post something. I shall probably write while my Christmas lunch is cooking!

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