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The Review: Changing times

Black Country churches in Wednesbury

These are the churches in Wednesbury


Christmas is a religious festival, despite the commercialisation. Where I live the roads are horrendous as people frantically try to get their shopping and make Christmas a special time. There is Christmas music everywhere, trying to get people in the mood; but it won’t be a Merry Christmas for the homeless.

We should try to remember  people who are less fortunate. Isn’t that the Christian message? Incidentally, today’s picture of the two churches is one I took of the two churches up on the hill in Wednesbury where I live. The town is named after the Anglo-Saxon God, Woden, but Christianity became popular and now we have temples and mosques. How times change…

Investment Friday: Solo Oil was yesterday’s post over on a Zillion Ideas. I wrote that post on Thursday, with Christmas coming I’m trying to get ahead! I’m writing this post on Friday! Solo Oil did go up nicely on Thursday, but is retreating back down today! How times change… While I’ve been writing this it’s gone back up again! That’s the Alternate Investment Market for you. It is fun to play the AIM though. Anyway, it’s nearly half past ten and Solo is on 0.56. I paid 0.32 so that’s still a nice profit. I’m expecting a price that is a few pence; eventually.

Thrifty Christmas Countdown: 7 days to go was Thursday’s bargain chasing post. They have fresh turkeys in Aldi, but they will probably be sold out by the time you read this.  Anyway pop in today and see if they still have the caviar…

Photography: Christmas edits was my photography post on Wednesday. That tells you how to do a digital Christmas card to put on Facebook and impress your friends. You can download one of mine and use that if you want…

Photography: December pictures had a picture of Santa and a few more seasonal pictures. There was also a little reminder of winter snow. The odds on a white Christmas have been cut at the bookies, so you never know…

The Sunday Ramble: challenging was my weekly ramble through the dusty corners of my mind. I managed to fix my washing machine, that saved me a few hundred quid. 

I shall be writing another Sunday ramble on Sunday and I have a Christmas ramble in mind too. I will be posting everyday through Christmas. The photography posts will look back through the year at the best pictures. Did I point my camera at you this year?

What are you doing over Christmas? Please share your thoughts in the comments box.


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