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The Sunday Ramble: the last day of Autumn

Black Country pictures (3)

The Winter Solstice

It’s the winter solstice today when it will get dark quite early, it’s the shortest day. The actual time of the solstice is around 10pm this evening and so I think that means this is the last day of autumn and winter starts tomorrow. According to the BBC the nights will start getting lighter, but not the mornings, not until in the new year.

So I’m expecting even worse weather from now on, but so far it’s been quite mild compared to previous years. British weather is so unpredictable we could have a white Christmas or on the other hand the weather could change and we could have a heat wave. The former is, I admit, more likely. We have to get through Christmas regardless. I still have a little more shopping to do, so I hope it doesn’t snow just yet. The forecast for the next few days is quite mild with highs of 12C, but slowly dropping for the big freeze at New Year.


I’m trying to use SEO (search engine optimisation) on my blog posts now so Google and the other search engines can find my stuff more easily. I need a ‘focus’ keyword today. What can it be? It’s the last day of Autumn. I could use Autumn? I get extra brownie points if my keyword is in the title!


I’m also doing carousels this week. I can now do a mosaic of my photos and when you click on one they come up larger and you can click through and view them all on a carousel. I took about 3,000 pictures in 2014 and so I thought I’d use a few this week to brighten up Christmas. My Christmas Day carousel on A Zillion Ideas has 60 pictures from the summer! A Zillion Ideas is my own website where I have a few freedoms that WordPress dot com doesn’t allow me. I’ve had some of those posts re-blogged in the past month onto the website of my local newspaper. That hasn’t been a great success; but it’s early days.

Last January, despite the start of winter, I was still wandering around taking pictures. I wanted some for a waterways calendar competition. See what you think of these. Click one to bring up the carousel:

Tomorrow here on WordPress, I’ll be starting my Christmas posts. I’ll be doing special ones all through Christmas. Over on a Zillion Ideas, there will be lots of pictures, but tomorrow is a featured post from a writer in the USA. That post is about interior design. Would use choose black as a theme colour for your bedroom? It can look very sophisticated! Have a read of that tomorrow and check out the bedroom pictures. On Christmas Eve there will be pictures and a video on that website, then a real Black Country Christmas on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, so check those out on A Zillion Ideas.

That’s all for today. Have a very Merry Christmas, but take care too. You can subscribe to this blog or to my posts on a Zillion Ideas by using the subscribe thingy in the sidebar. You can also comment and share your thoughts or questions. You can also email me at the address in the sidebar and finally you can follow me on Twitter.

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