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Photography: Top pictures of 2014

Spring picture of a lake

I took this picture in April and it must be my best landscape of 2014. The colours are great. I tried to improve it today and it looked better a tiny bit lighter, but it’s hard to make it better.

The picture seems to be very well balanced and has a lot of depth, but it’s the spring colours that really impress me. The sky is cloudy, but a nice shade of blue and that is reflected throughout the picture. It makes the water look great, but the greens are more subtle too.

DSC_8437 (Copy)

This was taken on the same day, it has less depth because I was shooting across the lake. The geese give it some depth and again the colours are good.

DSC_8493 (Copy)

This is the same place and the same month, but the cloud is breaking up to reveal a blue sky that is reflected on the water and the trees making for a different picture. We have much deeper colours.

1 Geese flying over lake (Copy)

This was taken on the same day as that first picture. The colours are really good and catching those geese flying in formation was lucky.

That’s all for today, but there is a post over on A Zillion Ideas and that uses the top pictures from 2014 too. I have done a gallery and carousel on there. I haven’t used one before so I’m still trying to get them perfect!

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Merry Christmas


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