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Christmas Eve: Narrow boats and canals

Wednesbury churches

Today, as my title suggests, I’m going to use some of the photos I’ve taken this year of narrowboats and canals. I have a lot of readers who are bloggers, so I’m going to include some information and advice on blogging too.

My first problem in writing this post was the word narrowboats or is it narrow-boats with an hyphen? It could also be narrow boats! People who know, call them narrowboats, I needed to know what Google calls them; it seems like it recognises  narrowboats and narrow boats! I need Google to find this post and so I’m using narrowboats and canals as my keywords for SEO (search Engine optimisation) purposes. So I need to mention narrowboats and canals a few times in the text! I have also added a alt tag to my image when I was adding the copyright notice. This is easy because I’m using Windows Live Writer.

I’m scheduling this to publish on Christmas Eve. Yes, I’m writing a lot of my posts in advance! I need my pictures in a mosaic so they can be viewed in a carousel. I can’t do that in live writer! So I’m going to save the draft, then go to my post in WordPress and edit it there. 

Now for my narrowboats and canals pictures:


If you don’t know how to create a gallery, subscribe to my blog and I’ll cover that in a future post when Christmas is over.

That’s this post nearly finished. Today’s pictures were taken near Walsall Art Gallery when the narrowboat traders visited. There are some of the Tipton Narrowboat and Canal Festival too. The lock-keepers cottage is at Park Hall in Walsall. The festival was on the Birmingham canal and the other pictures are the Walsall canal, except the lock-keepers cottage which is on the Rushall canal.

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