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Christmas Day: Life and soul

I hope everyone is enjoying Christmas. Some people seem to enjoy it more than others; they are the life and soul of the party. They seem confident and loud.

Then there are the introverts who are more inward looking and prefer to be quieter, perhaps watching extroverts make a fool of themselves! I have to admit being more introverted, but I can still enjoy life. I suppose writing a blog post on Christmas morning isn’t everyone’s idea of fun! Actually, I’m trying to repair Microsoft Office before I start to cook my Christmas lunch. I downloaded a application from Adobe last night and my laptop screen went blank and it crashed. I got things working again, eventually, but Microsoft Outlook stopped working and so I can’t get my emails. For an introvert addicted to the internet, not getting email is serious stuff. I might have one from the National Lottery saying they have some news for me!

Christmas Eve: Dickensian thoughts was my post yesterday. Be sure to check that out there are lots of pictures; my artistic edits through the year. Today on A Zillion Ideas there are lots of pictures too. Those are pictures from the summer.

I think I’ll add some more pictures from the summer, these are from Wednesbury Carnival:

Please comment if you recognise anyone in the pictures. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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