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Boxing Day: more Frying Pan photos

I hope everyone is enjoying Christmas. It hasn’t been a white Christmas here, but it is getting colder; it was freezing outside when I woke this morning.  Today’s photo was taken in 2011. I think we had snow quite early that year.

I added that photo to my library on the 1st of November. I am more experienced taking photos now and have a better camera, so I know what to look for. I think we will at least have some frozen things to photograph soon. Watch the wildlife and even if it doesn’t snow, trees get covered in ice and make for great photos. We have the pools, lakes and canals that freeze too. Last year I took this photo at night. This was around the 18th of January:

Snow at Night

Both these photos were taken with my Fujifilm S5600. You don’t need an expensive camera to take great photos. If you had a new camera for Christmas, you might like to follow my blog and get some tips on photography. I’ll be doing many more next year, as I explore new techniques.

I think it’s time for some photos from the summer to cheer us up! These photos are of the charity bike ride in August at the Frying Pan in Darlaston. These were taken with my Nikon D3200. I think this was before I had the new lens.

If you would like to comment and share your thoughts, there is a box below. Over on A zillion Ideas, today’s post features photos of all the children I took photos of this year; most of those were taken at the Frying Pan too.  You can also subscribe to either or both blogs to get  email updates or you can follow me on Twitter.


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