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The review: carousels


Christmas is over and although we didn’t have a White Christmas, Boxing Day gave us a little snow. The street light isn’t working in the street outside my house, so it was very dark when I took this photo. Aren’t digital cameras marvellous?

A lot of my readers are writers and bloggers and it’s quite useful to be a photographer too if you have a blog. What do they say ’a picture is worth a 1,000 words’, something like that. So in the new year I’ll be offering advice on writing both non-fiction and fiction, blogging and photography. Some of my readers want to know how to arrange their photos on a carousel, so I’ll cover that too!

Boxing Day: More Frying Pan photos was my post yesterday and I did a mosaic which turns into a carousel for my photos. Those were from the summer when I photographed the charity bike ride at the Frying Pan (pub) in Darlaston.

Boxing Day: The kids in pictures was over on A Zillion Ideas.  Those pictures are really good and showed all the children I photographed, mostly at the Frying Pan.

Christmas Day: Life and soul had more photos from the summer and reminder of this years carnivals.

A Black Country Christmas in pictures was on A Zillion Ideas and again used photos from the summer and spring. These photos are of the horses and their owners and were taken at the Fiery Holes and the Frying Pan.  Some of those pictures ended up in the local newspaper, the Express and Star. I also had a few blog posts published on the Express and Star website. 

Christmas Eve: Dickensian thoughts had some nice pictures. That post used my artistic edits from throughout the year. They were in a mosaic, which turned into a carousel.

Christmas video and pictures was on a Zillion Ideas. That featured my pop star pictures of Gareth Gates and Noddy Holder. I know, who would have thought I’d be photographing pop stars? The video was made by Simon James who started a new Facebook page at Christmas. Why not take a look at the Creative Thinking Facebook page and give it a like? You could contribute to it and add your pictures and links.

Christmas Eve: Narrowboats and canals featured my photos of boats and canals from throughout the year.  I know, three posts in one day. One of them was a mistake!

Photography: Top pictures of 2014 featured the best photos from this year. I like it in Spring when we get really good light.

Photography: best pictures of 2014 had even more of the top pictures in a carousel.

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas started my Christmas blogging marathon with a picture of Santa and  more Christmas pictures of Gareth Gates and Noddy Holder.  I used one picture twice, no one’s perfect!

Breath-taking black and white bedrooms was a featured post on Monday on A Zillion Ideas by American writer Jane Blanchard.  That was a very sophisticated article to start the week.

The Sunday Ramble: the last day of Autumn was my usual Sunday ramble and that post used a carousel too. It will start getting lighter in the evenings now, although it will be colder. In Spring we can get some amazing photos as the light becomes better and the river and canal are lined with zillions of flowers. It’s only 12 weeks to Spring!

Those were my Christmas posts, 12 of them for the 12 days of Christmas! I think I’ll post fewer this week. I might be out in my thermal gear photographing the icy weather and maybe snow pictures too. I’m getting quite good at coping with very low light now, so I hope to take better winter pictures.

If you would like to become a writer-photographer, follow my posts this year and watch out for handy tips. Learning to write is useful, even if you’re writing essays for school, dissertations for university or articles for the local newspaper. Photography is also quite a useful skill to have. This year I’ve been asked to photograph a few things and some people have even offered to pay  me!

It will be the usual Sunday Ramble again tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend, you can finish off the Christmas food and the remains  of that bottle of port…

Remember, you can subscribe or share your thoughts in the comments box. For other things like advice on writing/photography, you can email me or you can just follow me on Twitter. I tweeted pictures to all the arty people I know this week! 


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