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The Sunday Ramble: weather; whatever

This year seems to have gone quickly, maybe because I’ve kept myself busy.  I’ve been looking back through my library of photos, this one is from January 2013. Remember that snow? This year it was quite mild in January and we enjoyed lower heating bills. The price of petrol has come down this year too.

If we are spending less on heating and petrol, where is the money going? In London and the South East property prices continue to soar, so we know what they are spending their money on. Unfortunately, they all chase the same properties and so prices keep going up and up. The only winners are the estate agents.

I live in the Midlands and we are spending all that spare cash on more useful things. We are also saving money by shopping at discount supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl. Many people are going to the food bank twice a week and times are still tough. The charity shops seem to be everywhere. Others are simply getting by and trying to pay of their debts.

Me? I’m always different and a bit contrarian. I paid my credit card bill yesterday and will start 2015 with virtually no debts. I did buy some software on my credit card this week, that was a mistake. It turned out to not as useful as I thought.  I’m looking forward to the stock market opening tomorrow, I missed it over Christmas! I read that one company that did well in 2014 was the London Stock Market. I’m not surprised.

Whatever happens, the weather will dominate our lives in the UK. There was disruption to the railway in London yesterday. I thought it was the snow, but it seems they don’t even need bad weather down there for chaos to erupt. It seems they were working on the line, as the onset of winter made it bitterly cold and people were returning from winter breaks.

I’m a bit against all this travelling. Some people seem to have to escape the cold in winter and fly off to warmer climes. Some just got go escape Christmas. Doesn’t all that travelling make global warming worse? The government doesn’t seem to think so, they expect people to travel miles just to sign on at the Jobcentre. My local hospital is adding a new multi million pound extension for patients coming from Stafford. That’s an hours journey in bitterly cold weather to go to hospital…

Many people can’t drive on the snow. The first fall of snow catches people out who can’t drive anyway; whatever the weather. Then as they decide to stay home in the warm, people who are desperate to get to work venture out and complain the roads haven’t been gritted. Meanwhile, wet leaves on the line stops the trains running. Kids are now ferried miles to school. When I was a kid, snow meant snow ball wars in the playground. Now they close the schools.

British people don’t know how to dress for cold weather. I’m going out today to take photos, but the sunshine doesn’t fool me; it’s below freezing today. I’ll be wearing full thermal gear today. It was so cold at the Christmas Lights switch-on, the ends of my fingers went numb; but the rest of me was nice and warm. I had my fingerless gloves on so I could take photos. I really need little covers to slip over the ends of my fingers between shots!

That’s it for today, I’ll be posting more articles this week on life, photography and money. You can find some interesting stuff over on a Zillion Ideas too, I used hundred of pictures over Christmas. Don’t forget, you can comment, follow this blog or follow me on Twitter.

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