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Life: the unexpected…

We went out taking photos yesterday, it was freezing cold. I was well prepared. I had on, my thermal underwear, thick cardigan,  Thinsulate thermal hat, fingerless gloves and my Parka with fur trimmed hood. What could go wrong?

It all went quite well. I haven’t looked at the pictures that I took yet, but we went to a few locations and I have lots of pictures. Life can throw up something unexpected though. I found my jeans has torn sometime while I was out; that was unexpected. A large 6 inch tear in the back. It could have been worse, I didn’t expose any flesh to the elements, just a flash of thermal underwear. I’m just glad my wallet didn’t drop out of my pocket!

My picture today, is from last year. I’m in a frugal mood so I’m reusing pictures from my media library. I posted lots of pictures over Christmas, both on this blog and on a Zillion Ideas.  Why not check them out?

That’s all for today. Tomorrow will be photography and some tips on taking better pictures. We’re all Photo-bloggers now! Please comment and share your thoughts and you can also follow me on Twitter.


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