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Photography: Winter pictures

Sandwell Park Farm

It’s the beginning of winter in the UK, but you can still take landscape pictures, if you wrap up warm. The buildings in the distance of this picture are Sandwell Park Farm. There were a lot of people out braving the freezing cold on Sunday.

Dartmouth Park silhouette

The clear blue sky was promising to give us a good sunset. I saw this silhouette above the embankment shooting towards the sun. It’s really dark on this side because there is hardly any reflected light, just shadow.  Shadows can be a problem at this time of year and the bright sunlight can fool the camera into thinking there is more light than there actually is.

Christ Church

Sunsets are boring, you need something in the foreground. The turret of this church looked great with the red sunset behind it. The church was hidden behind houses, so we went closer and lost the sunset! I think the signs spoil this picture too.

Sunset over the Black Country 

I did get the sunset in the end, with trees in the foreground and the mid-ground looking misting. I silhouetted the pylon and an apartment block in the distance. We don’t take photos, we create them!

Over on a Zillion Ideas I’ll be doing a series of photography for beginners articles, starting tomorrow. I hope you will check those out and you can subscribe to either blog. You can also follow me on Twitter for updates.


3 responses

  1. Hi Mike, Lol, when I saw the title, Winter Pictures, I imagines photos of snow! But these photos are a delightful surprise.

    The first photo shows verdant green which I miss seeing. We are treated with that green in the spring so the first photo looked like a photo from April here.

    The second photo may be my favourite. The angles and shadows are very powerful and the person at the top of the hill with a raised hand and birds seems to signal Victory! He/she made it to the top!

    The silhouette that is the church photo is fascinating too. The wire at the top seems to hold an invisible curtain. In front of the wire is the ugliness of modern life but behind the wire is classic beauty of God and nature. Wow.

    The last photo is stunning. At first I’m thinking that I wish the pylon weren’t there but then the photo would just be another sunset photo. The pylon shows us life isn’t perfect but we need to look beyond the imperfection to see the beauty.

    Have I interpreted your art correctly, Mike?

    Your work is a true highlight of my week each week. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

    30, December 2014 at 1:28 pm

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I deleted most of the shots I took on Sunday,it was really difficult light and most of them turned out darker than I thought they would be. The church isn’t too bad, the signs seemed to spoil it. Nothing is perfect, the pylons used to annoy me, but now they make some pictures. I think the silhouette picture is is the best. I saved some of the better ones to edit for tomorrow. I’ll do another post on A Zillion Ideas and try to get it in the local newspaper. You might like some of the posts I did for Christmas on there. I used all the photos of kids that I’d taken on Christmas Day. My readership varied from terrible to really good. I think people have better things to do at Christmas! I think I’ll use a carousel tomorrow!

      30, December 2014 at 5:14 pm

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