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Thrifty Thursday: special buys

I usually tell you what the super-six are at Aldi today, but I can’t because they are closed and their website hasn’t been updated. I’ve been keeping my mince pies open though and so I can tell you about their Winter Sale.

Yes, all the Christmas goodies including mince pies have been reduced. My local Aldi had chocolate and biscuits on offer too.

Special Buys

The special buys are on tomorrow and are all for reducing the flab we put on over Christmas. There are fitness trainers and Weight-watcher foods. There is ibuprofen gel for when you strain something too. No pain, no gain; they say!

On Sunday, the special buys are for people taking to their beds and includes duvet sets and mattress covers. There is also cold and flu medicines. There’s a twin cordless phone too, just in case you need some help. Keep one by the bedside.


They have some special buys at Matalan now. I need some new towels and the hand towels for 1.50 would be just right. I will wait a little while, because it’s my birthday in a month and they will probably send me a 20% off birthday voucher! That would be 30p off each towel. I need some other things. To keep warm in this cold weather; we need a base layer like a long sleeved tee shirt, a middle layer such as a jumper and a top layer like a warm coat. My thermal underwear is great, but just a long sleeved tee shirt under your jumper is warmer and they have some nice ones at Matalan. They are good in Spring when it’s too warm for a jumper and too cool for a tee shirt with short sleeves.

They have Pyrex roasters half price at Matalan too, they are only £6.00 now. Mine is great, nothing sticks to it. I cooked a chicken in it yesterday.


I’m not impressed with Lidl’s special buys, but if you have one near you; then it’s worth looking at them.

George at Asda has a sale for January too. I looked at the towels, I think I prefer Matalan. They have jeans, 2 pairs fro £10. I had 4 pairs for £10 years ago and still wear them. They are wearing out now though. I do prefer the Asda jeans to the Matalan jeans. They do Wrangler jeans at Matalan now and they are good, but more expensive. I doubt if they will be a special buy…


The January sales tend to be refurnished goods or package damaged. They do sometimes buy in bulk and those special buys can be a bargain. Curry’s have a 39” smart TV and that is in-store and online for £249.00. I like that one because you can record to a USB flash drive.


You can sometimes pick up a bargain when there is a new model out. My Nikon D3200 has been replaced by a fancier DSLR, the Nikon D3300. It’s the same camera with a few fancy features. You can now get the Nikon D3200 at Amazon for £233. That’s the body only. You can choose to have the 55mm lens with it. I would buy the body and then add a 18 – 105mm lens or even a 18 – 200mm lens. Now that is a special buy.

Have you seen any special buys, that I’ve missed? Please use the comments box to share them or send me a Tweet and follow me on Twitter.


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