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The Review: Walsall Manor fined again

It seems over the past year Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust has been fined nearly £500,000 for delays in treating patients by the Walsall Clinical Commissioning Group. The problems are complex, but some of them are obvious.

The drop in centre in Walsall is near the market in a pedestrianized precinct. It needs to be more accessible. I had to park my car at the top of the hill and walk down when I took someone there and patients struggle to walk back up the hill. The obvious place would be near the hospital  and one time Waldoc was there. The other problem is having to book an appointment to see GP’s weeks in advance. What if you had to book plumbers weeks in advance when you had a water leak or electricians when your lights when out? It’s ridiculous and getting worse. We need a government that actually cares about health and not profit and we also need to get rid of the silly NHS speak. This is a quote:

“As a result of the impact of emergency pressures, increases in elective demand and difficulties following launch of the new Patient Administration System, the Trust faces significant difficulties in delivering the national 18 week standards.”

Impact? That’s when you hit something with a hammer mate. Elective? They have a language all of their own.

It seems executives in NHS trusts have been having lessons in telling stories so there is consistency in expectations and the customer facing format, whatever that is. The expensive consultants should have taught them to tell stories in the Black Country dialect, we would understand them better!

Finance Friday: 2015 investment ideas was my article on Friday. Health is important, but so is money these days.

Thrifty Thursday: special buys was my usual thrifty post, trying to save a few quid. We have to try to get value for money and these days it costs money to get rid of you old junk. The price of having a skip is extortionate. We also have to think about the environmental consequences of what we buy.

Photography: Mega – pixels was one of my photography posts. There are a lot of cameras around now that are 12 mega pixels and they have them on offer. They are good for taking photos destined for sharing on the internet.

Photography: winter pictures was my other photography post and used my photos from last Sunday. I shall be starting my series of posts about improving your photography this week.

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The Sunday Ramble: weather; whatever was my Sunday jog through the lesser known pathways of my mind. That was my most popular post of the week. I’ll be back tomorrow with another ramble before we brave the cold and take more scenic photos in the afternoon.

I have a terrible memory, I struggle to remember what day it is, but I remember the photos that I’ve taken. Today’s photo was taken with my Fujifilm S5600 in 2010 just as they were finishing the car park at the Manor hospital. You can still see the men at work sign!

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