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The Sunday Ramble: getting about

I’ll be getting about this afternoon, taking photographs somewhere. Sunday is the only day when the roads are reasonable clear. The congestion on the roads gets worse in the Black Country and finding a place to park is a nightmare.

Midland Metro

We need public transport, but it seems expensive to me and the fares have just gone up, yet again. Today’s picture is of the Midland Metro, they want to extend that to go to New Cross hospital now. With New Cross taking patients from Stafford and sending patients to Cannock, they need to extend it farther than that! I like the new tram they are running anyway, it looks good in this photo. I must try to get a picture of it at night. I think it’s a good idea for people who are out and getting about. It goes from Birmingham through the Black Country to Wolverhampton and there is even talk of extending it to Walsall and Dudley. Perhaps the idea is to link up all the Jobcentres…

It seems that the mine shaft that stopped them upgrading the Metro into Wolverhampton is causing more problems. They don’t seem to know when it will be finished. They should finish the upgrade of the existing track before considering extending it.

Winter blues

It seems many people have the ‘winter blues’ and are feeling depressed because of the shorter days and longer nights. We do get sunny days, but it’s cold outside! Many people are also depressed because they spent too much money on Christmas and need to face up to the January credit card bill.


I watched Casualty on TV last night and they tried to highlight the problem of Jobcentre ‘sanctions’ which are leading to malnutrition and deteriorating mental health. The Tories will claim this is the lefty BBC having a go at them, but it was quite  an accurate portrayal. It was an interesting comparison of a mother on high income and her attitude to someone on low income before she really knew all the facts.


We will all get the chance to vote in a general election this year. Many people think the government is right to continue austerity, but is it? When the credit crunch started, there were people saying America was bankrupt. America seems to be doing quite well now. How did they cope with their huge trillion dollar debt? They printed even more money, which could have really devalued the dollar, but thanks to fracking  they now have a new domestic supply of oil. That’s the problem with just printing money, it devalues it against other currencies. But now the US dollar has been devalued and most major currencies, isn’t it possible that the UK and Europe could print money to boost growth and get out of debt? The European central bank is thinking about it. Too little, too late?


I’m going to start a series of articles on A Zillion Ideas this week, about improving your photography. I intend to keep it as simple as possible. Anyway, let’s have a few photos!

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