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Photography: EXIF data


Exchangeable image file format

The EXIF (Exchangeable image file format) can be found in the properties of a image. I’ve added it to this image for a reason. I’m starting a series of posts on a Zillion Ideas tomorrow, about all the settings you can use on your camera.

I think this is the ideal way to show you what setting I’ve used for different pictures. I start with simple settings tomorrow, but you can see the shutter speed (exposure) setting for this foggy photo was 1/30 of a second, the ISO (sensor sensitivity) was 640 and the aperture was F22. It was quite dark and foggy, so I needed a higher ISO and I selected F22 on aperture priority and the camera set the shutter speed at 1/30 of a second. If this is all too complicated for you and you want to take better pictures then check out A Zillion Ideas tomorrow and follow my free photography course. I’ll start simply, with the shutter button and that dial on top of your camera.


I took this shot on Sunday. That is ice on the lake, it was freezing. The settings weren’t ideal for this shot, but I wanted a fast speed to try to capture the geese flying around.

landscape Wednesbury

This is more or less the same photo but at F22, it has slightly more depth. It doesn’t make that much difference though.

Photography is not just about snapping a picture, it’s about creating an image. If you understand your camera, you can create a better image. Post shoot editing is also important. Often the image is too light or too dark and you can edit for that. Try using Windows Live Gallery, it’s a free download. If you’re a blogger, on that same page is Windows Live Essentials that includes Windows Live writer, the free software I used to write this.

PhotoScape is also a free download and I used that to add the EXIF data to these images.

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