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The Review: perspective

art gallery

Perspective is the way we see things, such as the pictures on the wall in this photograph. They seem to get smaller as they go away from us, but we can still tell that the one on the far wall is the largest one. The boards on the ceiling and floor add to the perspective of the picture too.

I didn’t think I was much good at art when I was at school, but I still remember a lot of what I was taught and can now use it in my photography. I can also recognise the work of some of the artists as I walk around Walsall Art gallery. Education is important and will serve us all of our lives. It gives us a different perspective on the world too.

Finance Friday: discretionary income was my post yesterday. I hoped to give my readers a different view of income, breaking it down into disposable income and discretionary income. Discretionary income is what’s left after you’ve paid for all the essentials. The rich have lots left, the poor have nothing left. Looking at it like that, gives you a whole new perspective.

Thrifty Thursday: January offers was my usual thrifty post for those of you with not enough discretionary income. Tesco’s share price shot up on Thursday; that made my day.

Photography: basic camera settings was the first part in my online course in basic photography.  That article dealt with the basic settings on the dial on your camera. Next week, I’ll be doing focusing using the landscape setting and helping you understand the importance of a narrow aperture. I’ll keep it fairly simple, but photography isn’t just about capturing a picture. It can be about being creative and creating a picture. My picture today, has lots of perspective and depth.

Photography: exif data was here on my WordPress blog and explained the exif data that I put on a picture. That’s all the settings the camera used for an image and the make/model of camera. You can check out exif in the properties of a picture.

New Year resolutions and goals was on Monday, when I shared all my goals for this year. We have to make goals and have some direction, even if life turns out like tales of the unexpected. 

The Sunday Ramble: getting about was my usual ramble through the more overgrown pathways of my mind. That post had some nice pictures. The first one was of the Midland Metro. I might go there again tomorrow and take some pictures with different camera settings for my beginners photography course. I need some with my camera set on landscape. I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow.

That was all I wrote this week. I haven’t been well though, I hope to be better for tomorrow’s outing. I’ll be continuing my articles on photography on Wednesday on A Zillion Ideas. This week, it will be landscapes using the landscape setting on your camera; but I’ll try to explain how the camera sets the aperture, ISO and exposure on the landscape setting. I’ll also cover composing a landscape shot to get some perspective in the picture.

You can subscribe to this blog or to A Zillion Ideas, check out the thingy in the sidebars. You can also comment and share your ideas or questions. I also do updates that you can see, if you follow me on Twitter. These pictures are from January 2014… 


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  1. Nice set of photos, especially the one in a gallery.

    10, January 2015 at 7:03 am

    • Hi,

      Thanks, I’ve just started using galleries to add more photos without backing the post too long. I can also reuse photos that are already in the media library to save space.

      10, January 2015 at 8:46 am

  2. Reblogged this on oshriradhekrishnabole.

    10, January 2015 at 7:48 am

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