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Focus keyword for photography post

Focus keyword

Today I’m going to look at how to do a photo blog, because many of my readers are bloggers! I’ve started with an image from my media library. This saves uploading another one and saves server space too. There is no alt text yet, I want that to match my focus keyword for SEO (search engines).


Keeping in mind that I need to write over 300 words for optimal SEO, I’m doing the writing first and then the focus keyword or phrase. A phrase would be better and it needs to be in the text too. I could use focus keyword as my phrase! I now have my keyword, well actually a pair, which is even better. It helps if the keyword is relevant and not used before.

Live writer

I’m using Windows Live writer to write this post and so I can check my word count easily and use H1 to H4 headings easily too. I’ve set my categories, photography and blogging are really popular! I want to use a carousel for my photographs and use some photos from my WordPress media library. I think I’ll use landscapes. My post needs some structure, my first paragraph was the introduction, then the body of the post and finally I do a conclusion with blurb about comments and Twitter. Using Live Writer, I can write the post easily, then upload a draft and open it in the WordPress editor.  I can’t do my mosaic of images in Live Writer, I’ll do that using the WordPress editor. As I write I go back and check for mistakes and add headings, to make it easier to read and for SEO. I will add the photos by clicking add media in the WordPress editor, creating a gallery and then inserting it below (3 images across): 

My main content is the photos and so that’s more or less it. I can do the conclusion and ask my readers to please comment and new readers can subscribe using the thingy in the sidebar. You can also follow me on Twitter. Tomorrow on A Zillion Ideas I’ll be doing part two of my photography course for beginners. Check that out, I have new photos for that! This week’s post is about photographing landscapes. 

A final bit of info, it took 20 minutes to write this post before I uploaded. Then 10 minutes to create and insert the gallery. If you allow 10 minutes for checking and editing, it’s done! Really quick!


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