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Thrifty Thursday: Winter Bargains

The Aldi super-six this week are swede, red onions (1Kg), sweet potatoes (750g), baking potatoes (4), chantenay carrots (500g) and parsnips (600g).  They are all 59p each and the offer will continue until Wednesday, 28th of January.

Today’s special buys are mostly to do with cleaning. The top one is a Vax carpet washer for 59.99. There are also steam cleaners, mops and cleaning materials like oven cleaner and drain cleaners.    There is some food in the special buys too; I would quite like the pheasant (600g) for 3.99.

The special buys on Sunday feature clothing for fishing. There is also a lot of Scottish food to try, including haggis and scotch broth. The Irn Brew is back on offer too.

Aldi are also selling off winter clothing in their winter sale.

Last year many retailers put clothes on special offer too early in the winter and so although sales were higher they made less money. Debenhams in particular have changed that policy and are putting winter clothes on offer later in the season, so we should now see bargains there.  It’s still quite wintry, so check out their blue cross sale. Snow is forecast and there are some bargains in footwear, ladies boots in particular.

Tesco are trying to compete with the discounters with offers on certain popular lines. If your nearest supermarket is Tesco, they are worth checking out. Petrol is much cheaper now and I have seen it at under a pound today in Walsall.

Matalan always have a sale, but now is a good time to look because they too are trying to clear their shelves of winter stock ready for spring. The ladies boots look like the ones in Debenhams, but only £11.00. Ah, they’re not leather though…

We always have to look at quality and value for money. Some of the men’s clothes at Matalan have 20% off at the checkout, so I’ll see if they have thermal tee shirts left when I go. They usually send me a 20% off voucher when it’s my birthday, so I’m due for a visit to Matalan soon! I’ll look for clothes for spring and summer and bargains for next winter!

Primark have a horrible website, but I’ll be close to their store next week, so I might pop in. Their website reads like it’s been written by a 13 year old. I saw a padded backpack, that could be OK for my camera gear. No details about size though, just childish blurb…

Sainsbury’s have offers too. My friend says the quality is better at Sainsbury, so I picked a item at random. A memory card for my camera, always useful, so one half price would be great. The 8 Gb Sandisk card is half price at £7.49 in Sainsburys and £5.68 at Amazon. Are they the same? Read the small print!  Yes, 8 Gb, 30 Mb/sec, class 10; both the same. But wait! The newer one at Amazon is 40 Mb/s, much faster and cheaper at £4.52! It pays to shop around, read the small print and ignore the marketing blurb…

Have you found a bargain this week? Please share your money saving thrifty finds in the comments box below., You can also email me at the address in the side bar or follow me on Twitter even…

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  1. Love me some Aldi’s!

    16, January 2015 at 2:23 am

    • Hi,

      I’ll take a look at your blog. I hope saving money is the road to being a millionaire!

      16, January 2015 at 1:16 pm

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