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Food Bank Britain: Breaking Bread


I visited the local food bank this week and donated a few quid. In this ‘rich’ country we call ‘Great’ Britain, we have a lot of homeless people and people struggling to cope. Over a million people are said to have taken out a pay-day loan last year. The stress and anxieties are causing a mental health epidemic.

Wednesbury Food Bank

Food banks aren’t really the answer, we shouldn’t have poverty in Britain. We don’t have to dig ditches by hand these days, we have technology, but Dickensian greed seems to mean that the rich want every last drop of sweat from the workers.

The food bank, Breaking Bread is run by 3 or 4 volunteers who give up their time to help people less fortunate. They have some support from the council and the church. Harvest Festival for example, brings in donations of food, albeit only once a year. Warburton’s also gives some support with donations of bread.  This is in a town where industry once thrived and  where large companies employed thousands of proud men. Those men made enough money to feed and cloth their large families; their grandchildren are now forced to beg for food and basics like toilet rolls. Not good enough is it?

Food Bank in need of donations was my post yesterday. Yes, you can help too by donating cash, food or essentials like toilet rolls, toothpaste soap, etc. When you see the buy one get one free offers, why not buy one for yourself and give the ‘free’ one to the food bank?

Thrifty Thursday: Winter Bargains was my usual thrifty post. I must remember to buy a little extra next week. I could have a cardboard box and drop odd things in until I have enough to take to the food bank. Not fresh food obviously, but things that will tide people over for a few days, so mostly canned foods. I think those huge packs of toilet roll would be appreciated too.

Disruptive: change for the better? was Wednesday’s post about disruptive change. Things change and sometimes disrupted in a short time and sudden change is hard to adapt to.

Landscape photography lesson was on Tuesday.  If you own a camera, you’ll find that interesting, it uses the pictures that I took last Sunday that I thought were some of my best ones. Next week, I’ll be continuing the lessons and tips and looking at different types of light and setting the white balance and ISO. I have been known to set the white balance for fluorescent  light and then forget and go outside to take a few pictures. The result was horrible!

Focus keyword for photography post was an article for us writers and bloggers and focused on keywords that are used for SEO. The key words for this post are food bank!

Executive storytelling was an extra post on Monday. Yes, executives are being taught how to tell stories. Once upon a time…

The Sunday Ramble: Life in the Black Country was my usual Sunday post with a bit of Black Country thrown in. I must change my titles on a Sunday and make them more search engine friendly.

I’ll be back tomorrow, with another ramble that might be about snow. It will definitely mention the weather, it’s freezin’. You can follow this blog by using the thingy in the sidebar or if you want to share your thoughts make a comment. I’m also on Twitter, so you can even follow me on Twitter. I’m trying to Tweet more, but usually it’s just links to my blog posts!

4 responses

  1. It’s great that you mention donating items like loo roll and toothpaste as well as food. I always say that if you can’t afford a tin of beans you can’t afford toilet roll, whenever I’m challenged that a food bank should just provide food. I also agree that foodbanks are not the solution to the problem of food poverty which is why many foodbanks offer additional support and work with referral agencies to support people out of crisis. We need to get very angry with the politicians who have introduced benefit sanctions, allow zero hours contracts, both the main reasons why people have to turn to Foodbank.

    17, January 2015 at 12:37 pm

    • Hi,

      Yes, I agree. I will be coming back to this problem and other problems on the run up to the General Election. I grew up in the 1950’s when supermarkets were just getting going. This food bank looked like an old fashioned grocers shop that was low on stock. in the 50’s we also had a greengrocer, butcher, baker and cake shop. We are going backwards socially instead of forwards with a return to abject poverty. People need high quality protein, vegetables and fruit as well as the bread. Thatcher the milk snatcher took away kid’s free school milk. How many are hungry at school like in the old days?

      17, January 2015 at 1:20 pm

      • I work for Smethwick CAN, a charity that is now responsible for Smethwick Foodbank, a member of the Trussell Trust network of foodbanks. If you want to visit us, let me know. My contact details are on the Smethwick Foodbank website and we have a Facebook and twitter account too.

        17, January 2015 at 4:48 pm

  2. I read something about the Trussell Trust. I think they might have helped set up our Food Bank. I forget where I read it, I think it was something to do with helping the homeless in Birmingham. I don’t get to Smethwick very often, But I might venture that way in the summer. I want to photograph the the canal museum, I’ll take a look at your website.

    17, January 2015 at 5:19 pm

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