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The Sunday Ramble: the Man in the Sky

1 The Midland Metro - The Sunday Ramble

If you are a regular Sunday ramble reader, you’ll know I like to go out and take photographs on a Sunday afternoon.  It seems people are copying my Sunday ramble idea. I have to try to make my post search engine friendly, so you can search for my Sunday ramble, but mine aren’t the most popular…

Search me

Writing on the internet is complicated, I have to pander to the search engine’s needs. They have robots that roam the internet indexing everything into a giant database, but they are quite fussy about who and what they will index. You can ask the search engine computers questions now and they answer. You can even use speech to talk to Google on my phone. How long before we are asking computer controlled robots to make us a cup of tea? With all this technology it makes you wonder why we still have poverty in the world and food banks in rich countries? Can’t we produce enough for food everyone; enough electricity and enough clean water? Can’t we stop making weapons and concentrate on the important things? Search me, I don’t know…

The Man in the Sky

I blame the Man in the Sky, he created everything we’re told. They argue who has the best Man in the Sky on Facebook. I have friends who don’t believe in the Man in the Sky and some who believe he’s called God and some who believe he’s called Allah. Why can’t they all just sit in their houses, take their tablets and wait until the Man in the Sky sorts out the mess he created?

The weather

At least it’s sunny this morning, good light for this afternoon’s photography unless the Man in the Sky decides otherwise. Last week it was sunny, but by the time I was at the Metro station to photograph the trams it was cloudy and bloody freezing. I shall don my Arctic expedition gear again this week. I have no idea where I’ll go or what I’ll photograph.


Photography for the enthusiast or professional is about being creative, we don’t just take a photograph or snap what we see, we create an image. I set the camera, think about the light and even after the shoot I edit the photograph to create a aesthetically pleasing image. Sometimes I create a image that won’t be pleasing, but will evoke some other reaction and emotion. I think photography for me is art, not just snapping something so I’ll remember what the ducks look like in Dartmouth Park.

Creative Black Country

Creative Black Country launches this week with a couple of million quid of Arts Council money to inspire and provoke creativity and art in the Black Country. I have an invitation to the launch and will be donning my Arctic thermal gear to go to that launch. Can we really inspire the people of the Black Country to be creative and to appreciate art? Are we going to have artistic creations on the walls of every pub? I do mean framed and inside, not the usual graffiti next to the gents in the yard. Anyway, I’ll try to do my bit by writing this stuff every day and going out in my Thinsulate hat and and underpants to take photos on a Sunday afternoon.

That’s it for this week’s ramble, I think I’ll have a lie down now. I have a bit of time before I put the oven on. When I was a kid we used to listen to the wireless on a Sunday. Remember the Goons on a Sunday afternoon? Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe, Michael Bentine and Peter Sellers doing funny voices. What do people do on a Sunday afternoon now. Watch a repeat of EastEnders and learn clichés like ‘at the end of the day…’?

Please comment or you can follow this blog for updates. You can even follow me on Twitter. I have the technology and I’m old enough to remember Andy Pandy…


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