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Photography: creating a picture

A well known photographer once said you don’t take a picture; you create a picture. Some photographers think of it as art, not just a working skill.

Creating a picture

In the first picture I have gone for a good photograph with the canal going away from us and the lock providing us with perspective. I have done more with this picture and in some edits, I removed the satellite dish and TV aerial to make the image more aesthetic. This picture take the basic image and gives it a nostalgic look:

This is creating a picture as opposed to just taking a picture. I do admit this shot has less depth and perspective though. If I did a similar edit on that first picture, it might look better. We have to strive to be aware and always ask if we can do better. What do you think of this edit?

This is what I mean by creating a picture, but you don’t have to edit to create a picture. Just taking the picture, with your camera set up right and by looking at the scene and getting perspective and depth; that too is creating a picture.

This picture is in grey scale. A new initiative starts this week in the Black Country called Creative Black Country and is part of a national initiative to inspire and promote creativity.

Would you like to see images like these in your local art gallery? Please comment and share you thoughts. You can also follow me on Twitter. I’ll end with some more images from my library. Would you like to try creating a picture?

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