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Looking for bargains #thrifty

The Aldi super-six this week are swede, red onions (1Kg), sweet potatoes (750g), baking potatoes (4), chantenay carrots (500g) and parsnips (600g).  They are all 59p each and the offer will continue until Wednesday, 28th of January.

I’m never very impressed by the meat offers, but if you fancy a whole pheasant take a look at those.

Today’s special buys look more interesting  with  men’s and ladies clothing. There is also paint and brushes and other decorating items.  There’s a Singer sewing machine for 79.99 which might be a useful money saving gadget.

The special buys on Sunday include a halogen heater for 14.99. The rest of the special buys are food and household items. The throw might be good or the ultrasonic cleaner (19.99). I think those ultrasonic cleaners are good for jewellery, but otherwise they just take up storage space.


If you’re shopping at Tesco this week, it’s worth looking at what’s on offer before you go.

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know I write on a lot of different subjects. Over on a Zillion Ideas I’ve been doing lessons on photography for beginners. How to get better shots and use all those settings on your camera, that sort of thing. Tomorrow  I’ll have an investment post on there because this week I invested in Balfour Beatty shares. On the forums this morning someone said there would be a ‘bloodbath’ in those shares. I think he meant people will sell because of a statement from Balfour Beatty. The shares have dropped a little, but hardly a ‘bloodbath’. In fact Balfour Beatty is consolidating and becoming a stronger company. I will watch the share price with interest today.

We can consolidate our personal finances by being thrifty in much the same way as a company does. By making sure we have the cash to pay for things rather than run up debt. Giving your finances a good foundation so you can stand any unforeseen expense without borrowing. Investing your money for a decent return is also a good idea. The new ‘pensioner’ bonds from NS & I pay 4% over 3 years. I think interest rates will probably go up in 2016, so tying your money up for 3 years at a fixed rate might not be a good idea. But 4% is more than many savings accounts. I get my 4% return with Zopa and although the money is tied up for 3 years (rapid return can release it) the interest rates on reinvesting your return isn’t fixed. I am making about 10%  plus on my stock market investments so far, which is much better!

Now the Christmas stock has gone from many stores like Poundland there are more everyday bargains to be had. I must pop in Poundland!

Have you spotted a bargain? Please share it with a comment below. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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