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The review: #westbrom

West Bromwich

I went to West Bromwich this week. I drove down the High Street, the one pictured, but it’s changed a lot in recent years. The kerbs stick out into the road now, they have a 20 MPH speed limit and it’s pedestrianized at the end.

They say that with each passing generation people are getting more stupid, I can believe that.

Creative Black Country launch was my post on Friday on WordPress. I write on WordPress and a Zillion Ideas.

Balfour Beatty #investments #finance was my post on a Zillion Ideas. I think using hash tags in the title could have been a stroke of genius to help drive traffic from Twitter. My investment in Balfour Beatty wasn’t a bad move either.

Looking for bargains #thrifty was my usual thrifty post on thrifty Thursday!

Aperture and depth of field #photography was another photography lesson on Wednesday. I’m trying to make those posts simple. I want to try to introduce readers gradually to aperture, shutter speed and ISO and later the other camera settings.

Photography: creating a picture was on Tuesday. That post had some good pictures.

Collective spirit and action was my Monday post on life. We can be a little too competitive and we really need to learn to play nice and be cooperative. Society in the UK has always been too divided and now more than ever.

The Sunday Ramble: the man in the sky was  an irreverent look at life through my eyes.

That was my week really. It could have been better. My trip to West Bromwich was really stressful. I know the council has made it car unfriendly, but that is ridiculous. They could at least have some proper signs that say where things are. It keeps changing too and there are few landmarks. If the road hadn’t been closed off it would have been better.

I usually post this review of the week on my WordPress blog, but this week I’ll see if I can post it on A Zillion Ideas too. Remember you can subscribe to either blog, comment or follow me on Twitter. I also accept guest posts for a Zillion Ideas, for those of you who wish to become a published writer.

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