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Shooting in winter #photography


Photography can be quite challenging in mid-winter. I took this shot last Tuesday of the frozen canal. I tried to get the rail around it and the reeds to give me some depth. I made it lighter in editing to try to make the whole picture lighter.


Photography in winter is still worthwhile, just more difficult with dark skies. We are after all trying to capture light and we have less of it.

I photographed the launch of Creative Black Country on Thursday and the light was a problem then too. I wasn’t pleased with the pictures. I need to zoom in closer when I’m photographing people. Event photography is different from landscape photography. There is more movement and people with lots of different skin tones.

The question to ask is is the image sharp enough that the people are recognisable? This image doesn’t seem that sharp, but it was dark and there were lights pointing in the direction of the camera. There were lots of shadow too and so I think the shot was about the best I could get.

Photographing dancing is difficult, you need to wait for a pause and even then need to have a fast shutter speed. I zoomed in for this shot and tried to get the crowd on too.

Ill be doing another episode in my ‘improving your photography’ lessons over on A Zillion Ideas tomorrow. I’ll be looking at the photography triangle of aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Please comment and share your thoughts and you can also follow me on Twitter for updates.


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