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21st century spivs

It’s my birthday tomorrow so in the post I get letters every day offering me insurance that I really need so my family will be ‘taken care of’. I would rather save and invest my money and leave that to my family, rather than get robbed blind by a bunch of 21st century spivs. Even National Savings is robbing people with lousy interest rates on their ‘pensioner bonds’. They think people are stupid.

The whole financial sector now is a bunch of spivs, but they don’t talk like ’Del Boy’ or live in Nelson Mandela House. They talk posh and live in mansions. These spivs sold you PPI that you would never claim on and would sell you snow, if they could get away with it.

Never mind it’s the lottery tonight and  someone has to win. Remember when rollovers were £15M and we had £15M super draws? Even Mystic Meg couldn’t have forecast £2 a ticket and a spiv running it on a salary of a million a year.

Money – what is it? was my post yesterday. That’s part the problem now we have so many different kinds of money. Promissory notes, coins, bonds, gold and electronic money. Even vouchers are a kind of money, you can spend them in shops. Right?

Offers and special buys #thrifty was on thrifty Thursday. That aimed at sniffing out the bargains. If you’re careful with your money, you can afford to splash out sometimes. I’m having a little soirée for my birthday…

Aperture, shutter speed and ISO #photos was my latest photography lesson. Those lessons are quite popular and if you’re taking up photography even in an amateur way, you might learn a little from those. Just understanding the camera helps you to take a better picture.

Shooting in winter #photography was here on WordPress and used my latest photos. Some of those were from the launch of Creative Black Country

Creative thinking? #creative was about thinking creatively and trying to be inventive. You may have noticed that I have started using hash tags in my titles. That is so when they are automatically tweeted into Twitterland, people will find them more easily. I have been improving my search engine optimisation too.

West Brom aye it? #BlackCountry was my usual Sunday ramble through the lesser known pathways of my mind. Last week, I went into the Sarcastic and Facetious department and pulled out some witticisms.

Tomorrow will be my birthday ramble, that one could be good. I’ve had a more interesting week, because I have a house guest.  I’ll have more guests for my birthday soirée tomorrow. It will be gluten free for me, so no birthday cake. I had to explain that to my house guest. I think the conversation tomorrow will be interesting, because much of it could be in the Black Country dialect, while some of my guest’s native tongue is Mandarin… A truly multicultural birthday…

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Be aware and hang up on phone calls from spivs with posh accents, they are only after you money, body or vote…


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