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Champagne and chocolates #thrifty

The Aldi super-six this week are blueberries (125g), salad potatoes (1Kg), Braeburn apples, oranges, baby plum tomatoes (250g) and mild onions (4). They are all 69p and the offer runs until Wednesday, 11th of February 2015.

Champagne and Chocolates

The super-six  is the same as last week, but we have new special buys.

The special buys today (5th Feb) include work wear for keeping warm and car accessories like mats and seat covers. The top special buy is a jump starter with compressor for 49.99. I had one similar and it would provide emergency power to my router in the event of a power cut. The battery in mine didn’t last long.

The special buys on Sunday relate to Chinese cooking and include woks and a rice cooker, there is also oils, microwavable noodles and Asian sauces. I mentioned these to my house guest who is Chinese, she said she will eat plenty of Chinese food when she goes home to China!

The special buys on the 11th of February are all flowers for Valentines Day. They also have champagne and chocolates in for Valentines Day. I think those are in stock now. The champagne in Aldi is good quality and cheaper than most other supermarkets. The flowers always look fresh too.

We can be thrifty and buy champagne and chocolates, thrifty means getting value for money, not denying ourselves the occasional luxury. My house guest wants champagne and chocolates to take back to China as gifts. We will have to pay a visit to Aldi!


I’ve shopped in Asda a couple of times this week. People keep telling me it’s better quality than Aldi. The fruit and vegetables weren’t as good as Aldi, but we went there because they had more choice. The big supermarkets can compete on choice, but thrifty shoppers will still go looking for bargains in the discounters. I think the multi-buys are a nuisance sometimes in Asda and Tesco.  Who wants 3 chickens for a tenner? I prefer 1 for 2.99 in Aldi. We did buy 2 bottles of Coca Cola on multi-buy. My guest wanted to cook chicken wings in Coca Cola… They actually look nice, but I haven’t tried them.


Electronic goods like smart phones and cameras can be really expensive. I usually check Expedite Electronics if I want something. I’ve had a couple of camera lenses from there and they arrived quickly with no problems. For added protection I used a credit card. One lens was about £400 list price and I paid £150.

That’s all for this week, don’t forget to check out my other posts both here and on A Zillion Ideas. You can also comment and ask questions or follow me on Twitter..


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