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Remember summer? #weather

The weather has got colder in the UK, but so far we have had little snow. I thought I would use a photo from summer to cheer everyone up. There are colds and flu going around now, so many of us are taking paracetamol and eating chicken soup in a bid to survive winter.

Remember summer?

My fellow bloggers might like to know that I’m using titles, hash tags and alt tags more in a bid to try to get my blog posts better  known on the search engines. I must write a post about SEO. In the meantime, do you remember summer? Those warm days of strolling by the river in the English countryside? It’s a vague memory for me, but I do remember writing a few posts this week, both here on WordPress and on A Zillion Ideas.

Economical with the truth brought together politics and economics. We have a general election in May, so here in the UK we all have to decide who to vote for. Please try to remember it was the collapse of Lehman brothers that brought about the collapse and bailout of British Banks. The government bailed them out or we might have all lost money. In the coming months everyone but Lehman brothers and the bankers, are likely to be blamed.

Champagne and chocolates #thrifty was Thursday’s thrifty post. I’ve spent more money just lately, but I can afford to do so because I was thrifty and saved. We have to think about the future, as well as the present.

Aperture and depth of field #photo was this weeks photography lesson. I took some wide aperture shots this week and they were very popular, but a few didn’t quite work. I do take risks with my photography and sometimes get a great shot as a result.

Experiments in photography used some of the shots that I’ve taken where trying something unusual or new that worked.

Addicted or social relationship was on Monday and explored the reasons for addiction. Are addictions substitutes for relationships?

My birthday Ramble was on Sunday before I had my little soirée which I enjoyed. I even photographed my birthday cake!


I’ll photograph just about anything! I’ll be back with another ramble tomorrow. I have no idea what will be on my mind tomorrow. Maybe I’ll remember summer and dream of walking through the English countryside. I might go to a farm tomorrow, it depends on the weather and a few other factors. I have a house guest to consider.

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