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A mid-winter ramble

In the movies you get that guy who lives in the big house all alone and looks a bit weird. I think that’s me! I have a house guest at the moment. My brother joked that I could be the axe murderer. I joked that when my guest goes home, he could call the police and say she’s missing; they might come and dig my garden for me!

It is strange how our reputation can be influenced by appearances and by what people see in the movies. The merest suggestion and people’s minds run riot and they imagine all kinds of things. I think we all walk about in a trance much of the time and are quite open to subliminal suggestion. We pass a hoarding advertising some new gadget and later that day we’re looking on-line wondering if we should buy one.

Quad Copters

Have you seen those radio controlled quad copters? They have 4 propeller things and a little video camera for doing aerial photography.  I keep getting Facebook adverts from companies like Bang Good tempting me to buy one. The flight time isn’t very good and I don’t think they are worth the money, but I did think about it. I might have a dash cam instead and record as I drive.


Incidentally, today’s picture is a photograph I took last spring. I’m really looking forward to spring. We are in mid-winter now. Winter lasts about 13 weeks and this is the 7th, I think. According to the Met Office, spring starts in 3 weeks; we wish… The spring equinox however is on the 20th of March and so in astronomical terms, this is mid winter; we’re over the worst! Only 40 days and 40 nights to go!

Ancient Egyptians

I read that the ancient Egyptians had a 40 day calendar, so if you happen to be an ancient Egyptian or a meteorologist, spring is at the end of the month… 

I often see Egyptian cotton in the shops and they make rugs in Egypt too. They must have lot of sheep running around in cotton fields. I’ve always thought of Egypt as being desert and sand. I’ve never seen Egyptian sand for sale; but then pyramid schemes are illegal here…


I thought about going to a farm this afternoon and photographing the new lambs. Aren’t lambs supposed to be born in spring? Maybe they are winter lambs, rather than spring lambs. I have seen farmers on television, pulling lambs out of the snow; so that must have been winter. I usually go out on a Sunday afternoon while the roads are quiet to take photos.

On the wireless

I nearly forgot my younger brother did a radio interview this week and the recording is going on air soon. I’ll have to listen to this. I hope my TV records it too. I think it’s about the chaos at junction 9 on the M6 motorway.

So that’s it for today, I’ll be writing about life and psychology on A Zillion Ideas tomorrow. You can subscribe to both blogs or comment or even follow me on Twitter for updates. If you would like to have a go at writing for a website, then get in touch. I even give help and advice on writing and photography.


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