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Valentines Day review



It’s Valentine’s Day today when people reaffirm their closest relationships. Humans have many rules and traditions relating to relationships. These include etiquette, social rules, good manners and polite behaviour.

The rules governing how we should relate to each other used to be in guide books in Victorian times, but now they are much more hit and miss. We even have to experiment  a little to see what is acceptable and what isn’t acceptable. In some cases people just don’t care whether their behaviour is acceptable to others. They don’t care about their reputation either. They care about power. This power might be the power an abusive husband has over his wife. It might be the power a politician has over the people. Such abuses are always resented and breach the rules of civilised behaviour. We will always revolt against abuses of power, it may take some time, but we will never accept it. We don’t need a handbook to know right from wrong, decent behaviour from indecent behaviour. We know the difference between exploitation and fairness. Whatever our relationship with other people, we should treat them fairly and with respect. We should treat them as we would like to be treated ourselves, regardless of their age, class, sex or culture.

Investment strategy #investments #finance was my post yesterday on A Zillion Ideas. I’m still investing and making a little money to add to my discretionary income; every little helps… 

Aldi – Asda #thrifty was my thrifty Thursday post this week. I might do a comparison between Aldi and Tesco one of the weeks. There were things in Asda I couldn’t buy in Aldi, like Dandelion and Burdock pop and chicken wings. I also bought turkey and we had another turkey lunch on Sunday. They don’t have turkey in China or gravy for that matter; so my guest asked for another turkey lunch last Sunday!

Portraits and People #photography was this week’s photography lesson. My post on landscape photography was published by my local newspaper this week too.

Editing for a better picture #photography was here on WordPress on Tuesday. I spent a couple of evenings editing to create images for a new charity to use. You can design some very professional  headers, leaflets and logos with PhotoScape.

Slick branding #branding was about not just corporate branding, but personal branding. That designer label on our clothes is a statement about our clothing, What label can we attach to ourselves to say something about us? Maybe we need a coordinated array of labels?

A mid-winter ramble was my usual Sunday ramble through the dusty pathways of my mind. I shall be back tomorrow with another ramble before I set out for an afternoon of  photography. I haven’t been out for weeks, so I’m determined this week.

It was an interesting week. My house guest departed and is back in China with two degrees from a Black Country university. I had to adjust to living alone again and cooking for one. Relationships of all kinds are important, we are social animals and we can’t just take people for granted or think we can control them. We all want our freedom and the opportunity for self determination.   Governments take away freedoms at their peril. In May, the British government will realise their abuse of power was a mistake; they should listen to the people – all of them.

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