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Special buys and bargains #thrifty

The Aldi super-six today are limes (3), cherry tomatoes (300g), Brussels sprouts (500g), leeks (500g), kiwi (6) and garlic (4). Those are 59p each. Those offers continue until the 25th of February.

Special Buys

The special buys today include a 32 inch TV for 169.99, a microwave for 39.99, a deep fat fryer for 16.99 and an electric kettle for 19.99. The rest of the special buys  are mostly related to cooking and the kitchen.

Sundays special buys are mostly men’s clothing. Nothing there to get too excited about!

I had a small whole chicken from Aldi yesterday for 2.75, reduced from 2.99.


We’re past half way through winter and so many shops are starting to stock clothing for spring. Matalan has reduced the winter knitwear and other winter clothing in it’s sale. They have a nice parka reduced, but I’ve already bought one. I need something with large pockets, big enough to hold a camera lens. I’ve been looking at gilets, but I haven’t found one suitable yet.


Ebay can be a good place for bargains, but watch out for traders based in China. They usually have a clause in the terms and conditions saying they won’t be responsible for import duty or VAT. You can get charged those by the courier delivering the product.

Home Bargains

People keep mentioning Home Bargains to me. You can check out their website before checking out the stores. I don’t think I’ll bother…

When things are on special offer they are often lines that haven’t been selling well. If it’s fashion, maybe the season is coming to an end and it’s a genuine offer. Many offers are retailers getting rid of stock that has some kind of problem. They are offloading their junk! We have to try to get value for money. There are often comparisons in the press between top retailers like Marks and Spencer with discounters like Aldi. When it comes to thing like flowers, flowers are flowers. You might see a difference in champagne, but if they both have the same label on the bottle, they’re the same, but usually cheaper at the discount stores. Often the more expensive store buys from the same supplier as the discount store. The bigger supermarkets have more choice, but you can use discounters most of the time and then a larger store once a month perhaps.

Have you spotted a bargain? Do you have a money saving tip? Please use the comments box to share your money saving tips. You can also follow me on Twitter for updates on all my blog posts.

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