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Changing times


Things constantly change and we welcome some changes like improvements in technology. Scientific discoveries lead to new drugs and better healthcare. Some change is based on political ideology, religious fanaticism or is fuelled by hatred and we see no sense in it.

We also look back to those days before the change with rose tinted glasses. We like to travel on a steam train and consider the inventiveness of the Victorians. Nostalgia plays a part in our lives as we settle down to watch Downton Abbey or Mr Selfridge. The Victorian era in reality was hard even for the wealthy and plight of the poor was described by Dickens so well, we even refer to it as Dickensian. In the UK we often refer to the past, but never seem to learn from it. There is a lot of talk about the poor aspiring to be like their betters now. That is so Dickensian and the upper classes are so sure of their right to luxury while others have to rely on hand-outs and food banks. The political ideology doesn’t seem to have changed at all.

Forward guidance #investments was my post yesterday on A Zillion Ideas. Investments seem to have been better understood in Victorian times or is that because all the history recorded was of the upper and middle classes and not the proletariat? Can we all aspire to be part of the bourgeoisie now ?

Special buys and bargains #thrifty was my thrifty post on Thursday. I suppose I’m a member of the bourgeoisie now, but I still think like a member of the proletariat and look for bargains!

Wide apertures #photography was my photography post on Wednesday explaining the technical aspects of photography in simple terms. We can all learn a little about it so we can take better pictures.

Moorcroft Wood landscapes was also about photography and used some of the pictures I took with my Fujifilm S5600, which shows you don’t need an expensive camera to take good pictures. I do find it easier to do the settings on my Nikon and the preview screen is a lot bigger. I can also get some really sharp images.

We are all alcoholics now was my Sunday ramble and was a little political. The government is going to tell drinkers on benefits and over weight people on benefits to have treatment or lose their benefits. Just another excuse to sanction them? Not on benefits? No need to worry then, is there? Do you drive and take prescription medicines? Do you know the government thinks you’re a druggie and will be testing for drugs after March 1st. No? They didn’t tell you? You might get sanctioned too and lose your driving licence and get a hefty fine to boot.

That’s it for today, I sound like a Marxist in this post, rather than a sensible member of the asset owning bourgeoisie with liberal views. Fascists always think I’m a Marxist and Marxists always think I’m a Fascist, so what does it matter?

What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments box. I’ll be back tomorrow with more rambling. You can subscribe to this blog or follow me on Twitter for updates.


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