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Bridge or DSLR #photography

I took this picture at the Oak House West Bromwich in 2012 with my Fujifilm S5600. It shows you can get a good picture with a cheap bridge camera. Having a good subject and good light helped a lot too.

I tried to use my Fuji this weekend, I couldn’t find all the settings. There are a lot more settings on my Nikon D3200, but the ones for shooting are easy to find. You can have things like focusing on auto for many shots too. Many people do feel overwhelmed when they try a DSLR with all the buttons and settings, but you soon get used to them.

This was one of my first shots with the Nikon. It was a disappointment. I realised that the Nikon is quite smart at focusing on a subject, but it didn’t have a clear subject in this scene. It’s a little boring too, because it lacks a clear subject. The light wasn’t good either, it was very bright.

This was year later. I have a definite subject and the whole picture works much better with the kids fishing and the cyclist adding to the interest. The image is a lot more in focus.

This was 2014, besides getting used to the camera, I was also looking for a lot more perspective in my pictures. This is the path to the Mill Pool, the path leading to the pool is a much better shot than the pool itself. The light was better on the path too, rather than being surrounded by trees blocking the light.

This is the same pool in Wednesbury again, but a much better picture. I think the light was better for this shot too.

Changing to a DSLR needs you to get used to the camera and understand it and then just gain lots of experience.

I hope you liked today’s pictures. What do you think? Please use the comments box to share your views. You can also follow me on twitter.

A few more photos to make you think:

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