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Thrifty Thursday: a way of life #thrifty

This week’s super-six at Aldi are iceberg lettuce, mixed chillies (65g), celery, aubergine (300g), broccoli (335g) and beetroot (500g). They are 39p and the offers run until the 11th of March. 

I didn’t get any gluten-free sausages last week. I was disappointed, they were supposed to be part of the super-six meat offers. This week’s meat offers don’t tempt me at all.

Today’s special buys include an air compressor and some air tools. That will please a few mechanics! The rest of the special buys are mixed, food, kitchen equipment and decorating essentials. They have the energy saving LED bulbs again too. I wish they did a bright one that will replace 100 W candescent bulbs.

Sunday’s special buys include security related items like a security light and camera. A safe, document box and a sensor light/torch. There is also a lot of motorcycle clothing too.

Being thrifty is about getting value for money; not being stingy. Shopping around can save you money, but be careful not to use extra petrol just getting there or that might negate your savings. Bulk buying or buying in advance can save a few quid too. I buy for Christmas as soon as I see a bargain. I keep my freezer stocked up too. Cans and dry food in the food cupboard can come in useful. If you run out of fresh vegetables and fruit; frozen vegetables and canned fruit make a good substitute.

There are takeaway food outlets everywhere these days. People either have plenty of money or they are too idle to cook! I think in some cases it is the latter because people on benefits often eat takeaway  food. I can cook a Sunday lunch for two people for less than the cost of fish and chips and it is far healthier. There are lots of gadgets these days to make cooking quicker and easier. You can use a slow cooker for soups, stews and curries. Air fryers are great for chips and microwaves are quick and easy too.

The money we have left over after we have paid our taxes, etc. is disposable income. The money left over after we have paid for all the essentials like energy, transport, food and housing is discretionary income. People complain they don’t have enough discretionary income for luxuries like  holidays and yet buy takeaway food every day and waste fuels like gas and electricity. They look for designer labels, rather than for good value and get taken in by the slick advertising and corporate brain washing.

Even days out can be good value or even free. There are lots of free events that you might find that are local to you. I’m going to a boat festival at Easter. I’ll use a little petrol getting there, but will have a pleasant afternoon photographing the boats. Being thrifty is a state of mind and a way of life. It means you can afford most things in life. Maybe not a private jet, but how often would you use one?

You can subscribe to this blog using the widget in the sidebar. You can also follow me on Twitter. Tomorrow over on A Zillion ideas I’ll publish a post about  finance and investments; that’s worth reading too. I had a good day on the stock market last Friday, I hope for another bit of fun this week! It’s a way of life now…


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