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A Wednesbury Goose

wednesbury goose

I went to the other side of Wednesbury this week taking photos of the geese. This photo will probably be my best one this year. I would have liked the goose in the middle of the frame, but I had to be quick to catch the shot at all.

My week for photography was much better as the weather improved. It was freezing in that biting wind on Tuesday, but it was much better by Thursday and Friday. I hope this weekend will provide some photographic opportunities too. My week on the stock market wasn’t so good, but after a really good January I have to expect some weeks to be a bit off.

Posts this week…

Pundits, power and panic #finance was my financial post about the influences that affect the stock market. After breaking records last week, it was subdued this week and a little panic selling ended the week. Never mind they will be snapping up what appears to be bargains on Monday.

Thrifty Thursday: a way of life #thrifty was my usual money saving post on a Thursday. That was popular on Twitter. I must remember to post more on Twitter this weekend. I do have a tablet computer, which is good for checking what’s happening, but not as good as my laptop for posting stuff. I can do pictures easier on my laptop and schedule posts.

Settings on your camera #photography was another photography lesson on Wednesday. Those posts are being repeated on the Express and Star website, my local newspaper. I must tell them about that post! Next week, I’ll be doing focusing and have some new photos to show how I focused on those geese! Spring is only two weeks away now and Easter is in a few weeks…

Bridge or DSLR?  #photography was on Tuesday. That was here on WordPress and featured photos I took using my Nikon and a good one from the days I used a Fujifilm S5600. Incidentally Nikon has a new camera coming out the D5500. I want one…

Time flies #Sunday #ramble was my ever popular Sunday ramble last weekend. I’ll be doing another one tomorrow before I cook my lunch. I have to decide on Sunday lunch. I think it’ll be something light this week that won’t weigh me down too much as I trek around on Sunday afternoon taking photographs and looking for places where Princess Ethelflaed (daughter of Alfred the Great) might have buried her treasure…

If you would like to look at my photographs on Facebook, most of them are set to ‘public’. I must spend some more time sorting them into albums! You can subscribe to this blog or to a Zillion Ideas using the widgets in the sidebar. You can also share you thoughts using the comment box. I’m trying to use Twitter more and you can follow me on Twitter too. 

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