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Creative Black Country? #Sunday #Ramble


I read this morning that here in Britain we aren’t very good at creating technology, but we are good at using it. There is no British version of Microsoft, but we have lots of creative people using computers to create art, photographers using digital cameras and of course trendy writers.

It seems that in parts of London, like Shoreditch, which I remember gave us  Stuckism; there are creative people  dressed in jeans and tee shirts sporting beards. They are leading the way in a brave new world of bicycle riding creativity where we all work in a  creative  world, taking photos, writing blogs and making videos.


OMG, I think I’ve become trendy! I might have to chop my beard off. I’m not going to become a vegetarian and I certainly won’t go into ‘breakfast cafes’ and pay £3 for a bowl of cornflakes. I might be alright because these ‘hipsters’ eat curry. I’m not too keen. OMG, it seems it’s trendy to eat gluten free! I have to eat gluten free, I’m a coeliac. It must be these bloody hipsters buying up all the gluten free sausages in Aldi…

I was going to wear my Twisted Souls tee shirts from Blue Inc this summer. That’s very trendy apparently. Even wearing a trilby is in fashion now. It wasn’t when I bought one. I’m not starting these trends am I?

Light Trails

Anyway, I had a go at photographing the light trails left by cars and other vehicles last night. That was the basis of my picture today that I created with my trusty laptop. I’ve started using ‘apps’ now on my phone and tablet computer. How trendy is that?

The weather

I know, I always mention the weather on a Sunday. I want to go out and take photos this afternoon. I have a article to write on photography before Wednesday. It’s cloudy and we have rain forecast again. It was sunny on Friday when the roads were jammed with traffic. It’s always the same. It just started raining…

I had to restart my laptop half way through writing this. I will get one with a fast solid state drive next time. I want the new Nikon D7200 camera too. You can take a series of pictures with it and put them all together into a time lapse video. We British are so good at using this technology. We should get it for free…

Avant garde

Creativity breeds creativity and so I am hopeful that a creative movement will get going here in the Black Country. Creative Black Country has some funding and that’s a start, but I see others trying to do something too. Will we see a particular area become synonymous with culture like Shoreditch in London? Will a particular street or area become our Brick Lane? I would like to see little art shops and galleries spring up maybe around an art gallery, but that would need art organisations and councils to get behind the idea too. At the moment the buildings around Walsall art gallery include BHS and Poundland, with a Costa attracting the more culturally aware, but they aren’t hipsters are they? Where are the Avant garde bohemians of the Black Country? I know the people involved with the Walsall Arts Fest are a little bohemian so we have something that could be built on. It takes leadership to pull all the people and resources together and make something happen. I think that leadership should come from the councils and art galleries. I won’t hold my breath…

Anyway, it’s raining more than ever now, so I’ll have to be innovative and creative today. If you have thoughts on creativity, please comment in the box below. You can also use the widget in the sidebar to subscribe to this blog and get emails every time I post. You can also email me or tweet, if you follow me on Twitter.

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