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Hunting for bargains #thrifty

The Aldi super-six this week are mushrooms (380g), romaine lettuce (2), asparagus (170g), fun-size pears, baby potatoes (1Kg) and oranges. They are all 69p and the offer runs until the 25th of March.

The meat offers this week include select British sausages (99p).

There are lots of flowers in the special buys today. It’s Mothering Sunday this weekend.  There is also some bedding including a quilted bed throw. I might look at the bedding. I bought some last month for my spare room, but I think I need more for my own bed.  There’s a trolley/backpack for £19.99, which could be useful. I’ve been thinking about a backpack for my camera equipment, but it needs to be padded.

The Sunday special buys include a food mixer and other kitchen related items. I need a set of saucepans, but they don’t have those!

There are special buys next Wednesday too and they are all food. I’ll look at those in store. I fancy quail for a change…

Matalan always have a sale, but they sent me an email with a code for 20% off this week. It’s worth asking for a form for a card while you’re in there. 

George at Asda is good for clothes too, especially if you go to one of their superstores or buy online.

Local shops have offers too and shouldn’t be ignored. There are a couple of shoe shops near me and I’ll be checking those out on my way to Poundland. Poundland has Mother’s Day gifts in too.

Markets often have bargains, but be aware they often buy from wholesale markets and the fruit is often riper than in the supermarket, so may not last so long. You can get some bargains on things like used DVDs.

It’s not just online, in the shops and in the markets where you can find bargains. There are cheap days out you can look for now too. Check out your local museums and art galleries  and local nature reserves.

I look for bargains on the stock market and I’m having a good day today because a takeover bid has been made for TSB. You have to make bargain hunting a way of life. Be frugal too, make things last longer by looking after them. My car is 18 years old and still in quite good condition for it’s age. I can spend quite a lot on it now just to keep it in good condition. I had new tyres and brake pads last year, but that’s the most I’ve spent on it in the 11years I’ve had it. It starts first time and runs great. I can put it in the classic car show soon!

That’s all for this week. Have you spotted a bargain or have a money saving tip? Please share it in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter for updates.

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