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The Saturday Review #Blackcountry


The sun came out a little bit on Tuesday, so we went out to take some photographs. This is Farley Park in Great Bridge. I’ll be using more pictures that I took on Tuesday for my weekly photography lesson on Wednesday.

I’ll be out doing more photography now spring is fast approaching. Only a week to go and it seems it will be welcomed in by an eclipse of the sun. I’ll give you more details of that before next weekend. I’ll do a little research.

In other news, just in for my local readers. Darlaston is about to get it’s market back. Yes, a new market on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in King Street. The council has approved it  and it will be run by Bescot Promotions. I hope they have fixed the paving in King Street, it was a mess when I was there at Christmas. I’ll have to go and review that market when they get going.  I’ll take a few photos!

Anyway, I wrote a few blog posts this week.

TSB takeover #investments was yesterday’s finance post. It wasn’t a good week on the stock exchange, but I ended the week 1% up. If I could end 1% up every week I’d be happy.

Hunting for bargains #thrifty was on Thursday. I bought 4 pairs of jeans for £10 some years ago and now they’re wearing out I’m looking for replacements. I think replacing them could be a little expensive.

Focusing on the shot #photography was my Wednesday photography lesson and tried to explain focusing in photography. I’ll be out and about more now the weather is improving, so local readers can ask for their photo to be taken!

End of winter #photography was  another post on Tuesday featuring some of my recent photos.

Predators and prey #life was another post on Monday about the human condition, we call life.  We need to have rules, but some people want a free for all; a rat race where everyone suffers and the weak and vulnerable get trampled on. 

Creative Black Country #Sunday #ramble was my usual Sunday ramble around the untrodden pathways of my mind. I think we need to more creative in the Black Country and encourage art and crafts.

I suppose you could sell crafts of even art on the new Darlo market. I’m looking forward to getting out more now the weather is set to improve. I’ll try to let readers know where I’ll be taking photos. There are some events coming up soon. There will be a vintage and craft fayre at Wednesbury Town Hall soon and a narrowboat gathering at Easter in Tipton. Say hello if you see me at any events or at the nature reserves.

That’s all for this week. I’ll be back tomorrow with another Sunday ramble.  You can subscribe to this blog using the widget in the side bar or you can follow me on Twitter for updates.


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