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Budget bargains #thrifty

The Aldi super-six this week are mushrooms (380g), romaine lettuce (2), asparagus (170g), fun-size pears, baby potatoes (1Kg) and oranges. They are all 69p and the offer runs until the 25th of March.

I don’t think yesterday’s budget will make a big difference to most people. It sent a few share prices up, so it benefited investors. It pays to save and invest, but many people can’t afford to. It is that inequality that makes the present government policies divisive and unfair.  Many people need to shop around and look for bargains to keep to their budget, which can be a matter of survive or end up at a food bank.

The special buys at Aldi today are mostly for the garden, with the top one being a petrol lawnmower. That would be useful if you’re starting a little gardening business. Older people now are employing someone to do their garden as it gets harder to do it themselves. With jobs harder to find, becoming self employed might be an option. There is also some food and drink in with today’s special buys.

The top special buy on Sunday is a steam mop for 24.99. The rest of the special buys will be of interest to tradesmen. There is a cordless hammer drill for 19.99 and other useful tools. There is a de-scaler  which could be useful. I need to de-scale my kettle. That also does washing machines and dishwashers.

I don’t always see the special buys in my local Aldi, but I did buy the quails this week and cooked them in a sage sauce. Those were nice and they were even nice eaten cold. It’s a succulent meat, a little like chicken, but with a gamey flavour. I had a glass of red Shiraz with them…

Tesco have some special offers on the run up to Easter that might help you budget, if Tesco is your local store.

Asda are doing three Easter eggs for £10. No wonder Britain has an obesity problem. Supermarkets really need to think about customer welfare. You can ‘mix and match’ their 3 for £10 meat offers. That might be useful.

Spring starts tomorrow, with a eclipse and a super moon. That’s three things all in one day. The equinox will be a good point for me to think about spring photography and clothing too. It’s  likely to still be a little cold even at Easter, which comes early this year. Long sleeved tee shirts and body warmers are quite useful in spring. I’m hoping to go to a narrowboat gathering to take photos on Easter Sunday. That’s a free day out unless I buy something from the narrowboat traders. Free days out can really help you budget, especially if you have children. Eat before you go or take food and drinks with you, it’s much cheaper than buying food and drink while you’re out.

You can get jars of herbs and spices at Aldi for 49p and they can be used in your cooking to make cheap meals taste better. I made a sage sauce to pour over my quail this week. The quails were 4 for 1.99 at Aldi and the sage sauce is basically Bovril gravy with dried sage stirred in. Even the Shiraz wine was some left over from a celebration that needed using up. That was a gourmet meal at a budget cost.  Pensioner bonds pay 4% over 3 years. My Tesco shares have gone up 3% this morning because of the budget. That makes my budgeting much easier! It’s not small investors that are making all the money though, it’s the big  investors.

What do you think? What are you doing to budget better? At least this year it was a mild winter that saved us a few quid in heating costs and I saved on petrol costs too. It’s these savings that are slowly bringing the country out of recession. I suppose all those pennies being saved on beer are now going into the shops too. Please use the comments box, if you would like to share your thoughts. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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