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First day of spring #review


Yes, it’s the first day of spring. Yesterday it was the spring equinox, the solar eclipse and there was even a super-moon, I didn’t see the super-moon, it was a bit cloudy. These things are events like Christmas and birthdays.

Events are important they set markers in time. We often refer to the past or the future by using these markers. I intend to do more photography now it’s spring and I’ll be photographing events like the carnival in summer. People stopped work yesterday to see the eclipse, maybe for some it will be the last one they get the opportunity to see. Life is finite, we don’t live for ever so why not celebrate all these events with a national holiday? I know all you greedy Tories will be against that and bursting a blood vessel to tell us all. Wouldn’t it be nice though, if everyone had a day off for their birthday? It’s St George’s Day soon, should everyone get a day off for that in England? Anyway spring means renewal, it’s a time to start afresh with a blaze of colour and growth.

Time to sell? #investments  was my post this week. I shall be making some serious decisions regarding investments this week. Time for a bit more growth and seed planting!

Budget bargains #thrifty was on Thursday.  We all need to search out the bargains and make our money go further. I tried to buy my new boom box in the shop, but they didn’t have the one I wanted. I had to buy it online. They do order online and collect in store at a lot of places. I suppose that is a sort of compromise. I go to the store to see things and try on clothes otherwise I’ll buy online.

Creating an image #photography was on Wednesday and a less technical post about photography. I used some of my latest pictures and now spring is here, I can start taking more pictures and not only share them, but talk about the settings I used to take them and the editing. I’ll be sharing my photographic experiences all through spring and summer.

Stock photos #photography was on Wednesday. If you are good at photography, you can sell your images through a stock photo library. Newspapers and magazines often subscribe to libraries or buy specific pictures of people and places.

Balance in life #life was on Monday. We all need balance in our lives, so many people are brought down by excess. In politics, people often rant and rave as they get sucked too far to the left or too far to the right. They sound like crazy people rather than politicians. I’m amazed that people listen to them.

Jezza Clarkson suspended #Sunday #ramble was my Sunday ramble last week when I clean out a few brain cells and share what I find with readers. It seems that Jeremy Clarkson thinks he might get the sack. His contract is running out anyway. It might be good for someone a bit younger and not part of the Chipping Norton set to take over and make a few quid. Clarkson isn’t as talented as many people believe, he’s just cheeky; a British trait that isn’t exclusive to him. When he’s going to the Job centre, he can pick his mate Dave up on the way; Dave will be out of a job in May…

That’s my review of the week. The weekend is forecast to be cloudy with sunny intervals, so I’ll make the most of it. I’’ll be out taking photographs around the Black Country tomorrow.

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