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Spring renewal #Sunday #ramble


Spring is a time of renewal as nature bursts into bloom with a colourful display of flowers and new leaves on the trees. Even us mere humans sense a time of renewal. In China, they celebrate for a week at the Spring Festival, which we in our ignorance call Chinese New Year. It’s a good time for change in all respects.


Spring is a good time to change your life style. Maybe you need to give up an addiction or cut down. It might be smoking that is damaging your health and putting a strain on your wallet. It might even be eating too much or not getting enough exercise and fresh air. Maybe, it’s time to cut down on alcohol or beat some other damaging habit like spending to reward yourself. Even shopping can become an addiction. Look around, it seems we’re all addicted to something. We all look forward to a few drinks at the weekend or a cigarette at break time. Shop ‘till your drop may seem harmless by comparison, but the credit card bills have to be paid eventually. Standing up to temptation is about taking control of your life. People who say they can’t live without that cigarette, seem pretty weak willed to non-smokers. The smoker might not be tempted by the cream cake or the shopping trip to the city, but might see the food and shopping addicts as being weak willed too. The truth is we’re all weak and we’re all slaves to something. Maybe it’s time to make a personal decision and stand up for yourself. I haven’t forgotten all you gamblers who look for a thrill by risking your hard earned cash. Gamblers seem to get very little for their money, just the buzz that risking everything gives. I have to admit to having a bet on Walsall at Wembley today, but I’m no addict. Usually, I just have a go on  the lottery once a week. I believe in everything in moderation. Anyway, I won twenty five quid last night…

Spring brings us longer days and next weekend we will spring our clocks one hour forward to British summer time. I enjoy my photography and it’s given me a new appreciation of nature. My friend who often comes with me to photograph these landscapes started a Facebook page called Loving the Beautiful British Isles where people share their photos of Britain. He asked me to publicise it, so there you go. I think you have to apply for membership of the group and we accept it. I am an admin on that page and I do contribute a few pictures. Sharing pictures of the place you live or go on holiday with others is interesting.

I’m trying to make this page appeal to the search engines, that are getting smarter by the minute. If you want to know something like when to put your clocks forward, just ask a search engine. All this magic is done with keywords and my main keyword for this post is ‘spring’. If I stuff my whole post with the word ‘spring’ it will just look unnatural. So I have to stick to the subject I intended  to write about, for my keyword to naturally dominate the post! It is the Sunday ramble and so I am allowed to ramble and go off the subject. Right? What was the subject? Oh yeah, spring…

Many historic houses were built where there was a natural spring or sometimes where they had been successful in digging a well. Many of the streets where the community well was located were called Meeting Street. We have a Meeting Street in the town I live in and the Manor House was built near a spring, so I’m told. Local history is a good subject to get interested in and might take you to some interesting places through the summer.

Anyway, I shall be out and about this afternoon. The weather forecast is cloudy with a little sun. That will do for me, white cloud gives quite good light for photography. If you see me wandering around, say hello and I might take your photo! I shall probably be photographing canals today. I might look at an LNR (local nature reserve), that has a canal, river and railway passing through it.

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